Summer Holiday 2


Yay!!  Jingle Ma will be directly a sequel to the hit romantic comedy Summer  Holiday in 2010!  Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng will be starring in it again.  Yay yay yay!  That’s one of my favourite movies of all time!!  ISP folks will remember I used to watch it almost everyday while answering calls at the helpdesk!!


Sammi’s schedule for 2010 is packed as she will be involved in 2 movies next year. Right after her concert in December, she will be shooting Summer Holiday 2 with Richie Ren and another movie directed and starred by Jan Lam.

Sammi and Jan have been good friends and Jan approached Sammi recently to be in a romantic comedy movie directed by him. The story talks about an ordinary man who meets a “small” woman. Both of them who are enemies at first becomes a couple. Investment for the movie stands at HKD20mil. A bulk of the cost will come from actor’s salary and it was known that Sammi’s salary alone is HKD6mil. Jan Lam who is the script writer, director and actor will pocket about HKD2.5mil.

Before being in Jan’s movie, Sammi will first be shooting Jingle Ma’s Summer Holiday 2. 9 years ago, the movie managed to gross HKD21mil which was quite good. In March next year, the team will be heading to Redang Island, Malaysia to shoot the second installment. The movie will talk about life after marriage where they spend everyday in the island together. It will bring out the message that it is easy to be together but staying together will lead to many arguments at home. Investment in the movie is about HKD25mil. Jingle Ma is already asking someone to write the script for him.

When talked about being in another movie with Richie, Sammi said that she is very happy and is looking forward to working with the team. She knew the story will talk about life after marriage and it will be quite fun. She said the movie will only start shooting after the year end concert and once she has some rest.


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