Hello from the Mac

Iceman bought a macbook from Sitex over the weekend.  I haven’t played with it much but the quick boot up and shut down is impressive (about 2 minutes).  Based on feedback I’ve heard from Iceman, it seems that the Snow Leopard OS is a much easier OS to use than the Windows XP.  Crudely put, it’s idiot proof.  Everything is made easy for you when you use a Mac.  Setting up of applications like e-mail, wireless network, etc, is very simple.  Even the upgrading of the OS to the Snow Leopard is a 2 step process!  Backing up your pc is also effortless.

While all this makes it very attractive to switch to a Mac, I think the issue I have is that it’s too much a hassle to relearn how to use a computer – basic things like using ‘Command-Q’ to close a programme instead of clicking on the little ‘X’ in the right upper corner of the window, etc.  In addition, I would need to find the Mac equivalent of various softwares I use regularly, like the Windows Live Writer and so on.  Oh… and I do have a gripe with not having colours and emoticons in MSN.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get really bored some day and do a switch.  In the meantime, I’m happy to play around with Iceman’s Macbook for fun.  😛

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  1. 1 Iceman

    Boot up about 2 mins i.e. with connection to WiFi and apps like MSN connected already. Shut down is even more amazing…3 secs!!!

  2. 2 bh

    likewise, bought a macbook for my wife.also relearning how to use it.there are certain visual features that are impressive and speedy.will touch on them when back.waiting to board plane now.the new opera mobile beta 2 and skyfire 1.5 have certainly improved the browsing experience :p

  3. 3 UptownGal

    Er… is that you, Zounds?

    Skyfire? Haven’t tried it yet… the Nokia default browser is excellent so far… definitely beats IE for mobile, the iphone browser and Opera.

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