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David Tao’s the best

Just got back from David Tao’s concert. Nearly didn’t make it to the concert ‘cos i plain forgot about it! Thankfully i managed to speed from Chinatown to the Indoor Stadium in time to catch the concert. (For once i’m grateful of the fact that Chinese concerts always start 30min late!) The concert was simply […]

Coke Light no more

Coke Light passed away last night. It was very sudden. My parents just came home from dinner and my dad went to check on the rabbits. He saw Coke just keeping still in his cage in an odd manner when he suddenly fell to his size and shook violently. My dad quickly took him out […]


Hi everyone! My friend and i are selling some of our own jewellery creations. Click on SparkleTown for details!

Is a scam?

I am writing this to share my horrible experience with anyone else who is considering purchasing a cover from Recently, i bought the Sonyericsson Z520i handphone in white. Although it looks fantastic, the white cover (both back and front) stains easily and dirt marks are impossible to remove. While surfing the sonyericsson website, i […]

Selling Chicken Egg

Got a couple of chicken egg stories to tell. The first is really about a colleague who totally pissed me off yesterday. I think my disdain for him started brewing when we were both involved in the M’sian condo exhibition. That guy, i’m going to call him Chicken Egg Seller aka CES for short (if […]

Obedient Cokie!

Coke Light was so obedient just now. I got home close to midnight and wanted to pay the rabbits a visit before i went up to my room. When i opened Coke’s cage, he wanted to come out. But once i pet him on his forehead, he just placed his front paws on the doorway […]

2Wire Wireless Modem / Evil Horlicks

I am very proud of myself! Though i suck at computer hardware, i managed to get my wireless networking to work, after Clown helped me hook up the h/ware stuff. Muahahahaha. Totally sidetracking, Horlicks turned evil yesterday. She started chasing Coke Light around and just now, she even pulled 2 tufts of fur from Coke […]

Coke Light!

Went to the pet shop (now doesn’t this intro sound familiar) just now and guess what? I got myself a 5th rabbit – Coke Light! This little rabbit looks almost exactly like Coke! I bet they’re from the same parents. Clown and i bought him immediately ‘cos he soooooo reminded us of Coke. This new […]


My department recently handled the Singapore launch of this M’sian condominium project. I sent a mass sms to contacts whom i felt might be interested in investing in this condo. I can’t remember the exact text i sent but i know it went something like, “Hi. I’m currently doing the launch of this KL project […]

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