Is a scam?

I am writing this to share my horrible experience with anyone else who is considering purchasing a cover from

Recently, i bought the Sonyericsson Z520i handphone in white. Although it looks fantastic, the white cover (both back and front) stains easily and dirt marks are impossible to remove. While surfing the sonyericsson website, i came across this other website –

This website allows purchasers to either select a pre-designed stylised cover for the SE Z520i, or use our own pictures to design a personalised cover for the phone. The price is rather steep at USD35.10 but i really wanted to put a picture of my rabbits on my hp and so i went ahead with the purchase. sent me a confirmation email after i submitted my online purchase and in that email, it was stated that it takes approximate 1-2 weeks for the product to arrive. It also said that i could track the product by using the “TRACE” feature on their website. However, i was unable to find this “TRACE” feature on that website despite searching many times.

I immediately sent an email to asking where exactly do i go to find this “TRACE” feature but the email bounced back to me! Worried, i sent the same mail to and (limecore seems to be the parent company of Just like my previous email, no reply was received from nor

After patiently waiting for 17 days, i sent an email to Sonyericsson via their online enquiry service. Once again, i did not get a reply… so i sent yet another email to to ask if they were a scam.

Finally, today, 19 days after i first made this purchase, i called the Sonyericsson helpline. Mind you, it took me a good 10minutes before i managed to get hold of a live helpdesk agent but guess what was her reply to me? She asked me to give her the case ID i was assigned so that Sonyericsson could “retrieve my email to check”.

I was livid!! Does this mean that Sonyericsson doesn’t respond to emails sent to them unless the aggrieved party calls up to complain? I also asked the gal on the line whether she knew how was related to Sonyericsson and she didn’t! She sounded as though she never even heard of the website before. I asked her if Sonyericsson takes responsibility for links that are published on their sites and she couldn’t give me an answer. When pressed further, she has the gall to tell me that no one had ever purchased anything from and so she doesn’t know what is going on.

What sort of customer service is this? This stupid gal was saying all the wrong things! Not only did she NOT give me confidence in Sonyericsson, she smashed to smitherins the already shredded confidence i had in Sonyericsson. After much pushing, she promised to get the relevant department to investigate and give me an answer by “tomorrow or the day after”.

When i got home tonight, i saw a reply from I’m not sure if this reply was a result of any action on Sonyericsson’s part, or that just happened to send me a reply the same day i kicked up a fuss with Sonyericsson. Unfortunately, i could not make any sense into the reply. This is what it said,


I send you the cover 1411.2005, some problem with the produ.



Goodness me! What the heck was it trying to say? (To think that the Singapore government is worried about our standard of English!) Has the merchandise been sent? Or is it still in the process of manufacturing ‘cos there was some problems with it?

I find this level of service appallingly unacceptable. I’m posting this online in hope that google and other search engines will pick this up should anyone do a search for the credibility of The credibility level is ZILCH! Even Sonyericsson has proven to be a huge disappointment!

I have written AGAIN to Sonyericsson to assure them that if i do not receive my merchandise by the end of this week, i will be disputing the USD35.10 that was charged to my credit card, as well as lodge a report with the police & CASE.

So stay tuned for the outcome….


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  1. 1 Anonymous

    Styleupcover takes your money!! I too am having a similar experience. I purchased my sony ericsson cover almost 3 weeks ago and have sent numerous emails to and limecore. It is very difficult to find a phone number from the website to talk to a real live person. I did get a hold of someone from the limecore sales line but was told that someone would contact me by email the next day by That was about a week ago. I tried calling the same number but got no one. Now I’m stuck with internation phone charges! My next step is to contact sony ericsson since I found the link off their website. You would think, a reputable company like Sony Ericsson would verify the links they allow on their website before they allow their customers to get taken advantage of. Unless you want your money taken from you with an added headach DO NOT ORDER FROM STYLEUPCOVER.COM

  2. 2 Dottore

    Yes I agree. I ordered cover more than a month ago, but after paying via paypal, the status of my order stayed stucked at “awaiting payment”. I tried to contact styleupcover via their trouble tickets, but no answer at all… order from styleupcover = money flushed to toilet

  3. 3 uptowngal

    I think the worst thing about it is that even though I raised a complaint with Sony Ericsson (“SE”) about the terrible quality and service of Styleup, SE still displays / promotes their products on SE’s website. I think it really misleads consumers into thinking that Styleup is a credible manufacturer/seller.

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