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My boss is visiting a client in China so we’ve been thinking about what sort of gift they might like. A colleague said one of the clients asked for Tiger balm before. My boss has also bought bak kwa on another occasion. Following brain storming session, we came up with panda cake, pineapple tarts, kaya […]

“By Return”

It kind of bugs me when I see people write “please reply by return” in e-mails.  Do people actually think about whether what they write makes sense?  Or do they just write things which they think are official sounding? I suspect many use this phrase because they may have seen similar language on business letters […]

It’s really damn frustrating how Facebook keeps changing their privacy settings.  In the past, I disabled the option of letting friends check me into places/ locations.  But the farked up FB now allows it automatically & I cannot remove this option.  What’s the point of allowing me to set a certain privacy setting only to […]

Asking For It

A group of friends & i were talking about the now famous Ferrari & taxi accident when i said the Ferrari driver got off easy by dying. My friend, however, said no one wants accidents to happen so we shouldn’t be say he asked for it. But… If u drive knowing u’re so dead drunk […]

16 May 1979

While i’ve never been overly secretive about my age (ask & i’ll tell you), i’ve never publicised it either. Part of the reason is cos i didn’t want people to judge me cos of my age. If you think i look a certain age, then so be it (be it younger or older). But recently, […]

Happy Birthday

Happy 33rd Birthday to me. 

It’s the Company

Had an early birthday celebration with Azure, Booze Queen & Iceman at Satsuma Shochu Bar just now.  The food was not bad – though the vegetables was way too salty.  Went to Orihara Shouten for sake after that.  The night was super hot & super humid.  But the company was fantastic! 

Mr Gentleman, Where Art Thou?

A friend remarked this morning that the men in Singapore are so ungracious (and ungentlemanly, if i may add). While i haven’t travelled enough to fairly comment if this is a global phenomenon, i have noted that men are generally not very gentlemanly in Singapore. Disagree? Let’s see… When entering a lift, how many men […]

I Hate Dishonest Merchants!

Really damn angry during dinner just now. Had yong tau fu at the NTUC operated, Foodfare food court at Simei. I wasn’t hungry so i took the minimum 6 pieces of yong tau fu. The PRC staff shortchanged me and had the audacity to insist i took 7 pieces. My mental sums is very poor […]


Not sure if there’s any girl who will reject TLC, especially when sick. Just that I’m not used to asking for it. 我是死都会撑下去的那种。

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