I Hate Dishonest Merchants!

Really damn angry during dinner just now. Had yong tau fu at the NTUC operated, Foodfare food court at Simei. I wasn’t hungry so i took the minimum 6 pieces of yong tau fu. The PRC staff shortchanged me and had the audacity to insist i took 7 pieces.

My mental sums is very poor so i often get cheated when it comes to money but come on man. I can bloody count 6 pieces of food! So i insisted on recounting the stuff i took. Soon after, another PRC worker appeared and joined in the argument. The 2nd lady, without knowing head or tail, also insisted i took 7 pieces of food! Wtf man. And they acted damn well. 一唱一合。Wah lau eh. Really made my blood boil. I may be sick but I’m not stupid. I didn’t care there was another woman behind me. I stood there and recounted about 10x till the 2 bitches admitted defeat. Tsk. Don’t understand what do they get by cheating my money. Not as though they own the stall!

My mom said it’s quite common for yong tau fu stalls to miscount items. The strange thing is, when you order more food, they can count properly. Only when you order the minimum then the errors appear. Pui! I hate dishonest people.

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May 2012