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Singtel & Nokia N8

Singtel is really really giving me a lot of grief.  I would’ve switched to another telco immediately, save for the fact the Nokia N8 that I want is currently only being sold by Singtel.  Argh.  Anyway, I sent an e-mail to Mr Allen Lew of Singtel.  My e-mail is reproduced below.  I hope Singtel can […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Haven’t blogged for so long because my boss went on a 2-week Japan holiday.  Nearly died trying to cover all the deals that seemed to flood in.  The minute my boss came back, I took leave to just nua.  After that, I got busy preparing for my own Japan trip.  Hehehe.  Here’s what I did… […]

The Need to Nua

Cliche reports will always paint a scene where the husband is back home after a long day at work and just wants to laze in front of the TV, but the wife wants to chat and yaks non-stop.  I say that’s cliche ‘cos I definitely understand the need to nua. There’s nothing better for me […]

Singnet Mio Woes

I’m once again forced to blog using my hp cos my Singnet Broadband connection is so farked up that I can’t load any websites at all. I’ve sent 2 complaint e-mails to Singnet and someone from the helpdesk did try to contact me the last 2 days, but i was unable to answer their calls […]

Manila 2010

Realised I never got down to posting about my Manila trip this year.  This is very likely to be my last business trip to Manila as I will be handing the 2 Filipino accounts I handle over to another unit within my company.  Yeap.  双手奉上.  I’m not going into the details since I have photos […]

Calories Worth Putting On

The number of food pics I have in my handphone is amazing.  Either I eat damn a lot or I take a lot of photos of the food I do eat, or both. Ramen Culture at Icon Village Ramen Culture opened up recently at Icon.  Booze Queen and I visited them on the first day […]


Came across this in an e-mail recently: “Their main products are day-old chicks and sold them to other chicken farms.  The annual production is about 150 million day old broilers”. The line “150 million day old broilers” sounds so cruel to me. 🙁 Maybe I should stop eating chicken like my dad. See the little […]

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