Calories Worth Putting On

The number of food pics I have in my handphone is amazing.  Either I eat damn a lot or I take a lot of photos of the food I do eat, or both.

Ramen Culture at Icon Village


Ramen Culture opened up recently at Icon.  Booze Queen and I visited them on the first day of their opening.  While I felt that the food was ok, the service was disastrous – the service staff were lost and didn’t know what to do.  Coupled with a mini explosion in the kitchen (some pot exploded – we were seated at the counter and heard the BOOM and the glass shattering).  We gave them a about 2 months to sort things out and revisited a couple of weeks ago.  The pic above was taken on our 2nd visit. 

On the left is Booze Queen’s black pig ramen (sorry, can’t rem. the Japanese name for it).  On the right is my tonkatsu ramen.  Not sure why my bowl was so huge… but both were really yummy so that was calories worth injesting. 


NYDC at Tampines One

Iceman & I spend quite a few of lot of our weekends at Tampines ‘cos it’s near where we stay.  Parking’s also a lot cheaper in the east than in town!!  Below are some pics taken from NYDC.


Meatballs baked rice.  Was pretty yummy from what I recall.



This was previously known as the Posh Spice Baked Rice.  It has since been given a more humble name, Mushroom & Ham baked rice (or something very similar).  Despite its much simpler name, it still remains good.  I like the creamy cheese sauce found beneath the layer of grilled cheese on top.  The cream helps the rice stay moist (baked rice has a tendency of hardening after its cooled down) and the ham & mushrooms are a delectable pairing.



These are the mushroom bites.  I’ve always loved mushrooms though I didn’t think this appetizer was that fantastic.



Ah… what’s a visit to NYDC w/o eating their mudpie?  I really can’t recall the fancy name of this mudpie (Granny’s something) but it was a mix of hazelnut and vanilla ice-cream.  Totally delicious!!


Hmm… that’s enough food pics for today.  Haha.  Time to move onto my next post!!

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