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It’s late but I had to blog to get this off my chest.  My Twitter friend from China shared that he was a victim of extortion today.  He took bus to school (not sure which uni… is there more than 1 in Guangdong?) as per normal.  When getting off the bus, 2 migrant workers accused […]

Natural Disasters

Received an e-mail from our global CEO stating that our New Zealand Christchurch office has sustained some internal damage following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit NZ on Mon, thankfully our colleagues are safe, and that the senior management in NZ have mobilised staff to work from another nearby office. I tried to imagine what […]

Horlicks (2005 ~ 15 Feb 2011)

Horlicks left us today.  My dad called at 8:22am this morning to say that Horlicks looked weak and she refused to eat.  I rushed over to the house.  Saw that her breathing was laboured and she had period spasms.  Over the next 2 hours, her breathing became more and more laboured, accompanied by coughs & […]

Men & Women

Saw this on Weibo today.  一个温顺女人变得泼辣,一定是男人不争气,她不得不出头。一个纯洁、清高女人变得恶俗,一定是男人档次不够高。相反,一个平庸女人,相貌变得可爱,眼睛变得灵光,举手投足变得有风度,一定有一个好男人。男人要知道,女人的美有你一半的功劳,她的丑也有你一半的过错。 A bit difficult to translate word for word but it essentially says that when a gentle woman becomes bitchy, it’s ‘cos her man was lacking and she had to speak out.  When a pure & noble woman becomes domineering & detestable, it’s ‘cos her man did not meet the […]

Singapore Drivers

I think drivers in Singapore are car snobs.  Whenever I drive the Kia Rio, I get harassed, tailgated, etc.  When I drive my dad’s Passat R36, however, no one bothers me.  If I signal to change lanes, I don’t get cars speeding up to block me.  What’s with that man!  I’m still me you know?  […]

Autumn Concerto

The latest drama I’ve been following is 下一站,幸福. Got to say that my opinion of Vanness Wu really changed. Haha. Never knew he can actually act. Found him a lot less irritating than ha was in Meteor Garden. Actually, I didn’t find him irritating at all! Anyway, I’m half way through the drama. Been fast […]

Chinese New Year 2011

Boohoo! The long Chinese New Year weekend ends today. Seems to have disappeared super fast cos we were travelling to JB back and forth. Really don’t feel like going back to work tomorrow!! 🙁 Oh well, here’s wishing everyone a happy year of the rabbit!!!

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