Horlicks (2005 ~ 15 Feb 2011)

Horlicks left us today.  My dad called at 8:22am this morning to say that Horlicks looked weak and she refused to eat.  I rushed over to the house.  Saw that her breathing was laboured and she had period spasms.  Over the next 2 hours, her breathing became more and more laboured, accompanied by coughs & eventually grunts.

Pinky wasn’t aware that something was not right with Horlicks at first.  But once he realised it, be became very upset.  He guarded her from a short distance away & stomped his foot non-stop.  Didn’t want to let us near Horlicks.

During Horlicks’ final moments, she made a few dashes to her favourite spots – near her toilet, the corner of the yard near the side entrance to the house, the backyard and her water container.  Pinky ran after her but he didn’t dare approach her.  I think she must’ve mustered up a lot of strength to visit those few spots.  Then she made a final dash towards the fence and collapsed onto her side.

Pinky stared at her for a few minutes when Horlicks collapsed.  I don’t know if he knew that she had left us… or if he thought maybe she was asleep.  My dad & I then chased Pinky into the house while we put Horlicks into a box and my dad washed the side yard.  Pinky was very anxious and nearly leapt over the barrier to come back into the side yard.  So we let him out… he then proceeded to sniff everywhere, as though was looking for something.  Maybe he was trying to pick up Horlicks’ scent.  I’m not sure.

Anyway, my dad & I buried Horlicks at the park near the house.  While I’m sad that Horlicks has left us, I’m grateful for the happy memories she has given all of us, and I’m glad I got to say goodbye and accompany her during her final moments.  Here’s a photo tribute to Horlicks.

Horlicks & Peanut share food

Horlicks & Peanut when they first came to the house.


Horlicks Escape

Horlicks was always the curious one.


2 peas

2 running peas

Muah Chee & Horlicks “pak tor-ing”.  Wonder if they’re together in rabbit heaven now?


curious horlicks

Mischievous Horlicks.


horlicks & muah chee

Horlicks & Muah Chee hanging out.



Horlicks & Peanut sharing food.  Both have left us.  Sad smile


DSC01372 - Copy

Horlicks used to like sitting on my lap too.



Horlicks & her son Pinky.



Pinky (left) & Horlicks were really close.



She loved carrots.



Agile Horlicks.



Yeap.  That’s Horlicks on our living room coffee table.



Always finding ways to get more food.



Horlicks planting a kiss on Pinky’s cheek.



Took this over the weekend only.



Horlicks – taken this morning.  She just stood like that for ages as her breathing got more laborious.



As usual, Pinky wanted his mommy to lick him but she was too weak too.



This is the last clear photo of them together.



Horlicks made her last dash, then collapsed.  Pinky just stared.  Not sure if he was in shock.



Bye bye Horlicks.  You will be missed.

My dad told me that last night, Horlicks seemed pretty normal still.  She was playing inside the house and even put her paws on my dad’s lap to get more treats. 

I think Horlicks had a very strong will to live.  She hasn’t been well since Nov 2010 but she held on.  She’s the most daring and feisty I’ve ever had.  I hope Pinky will get over the loss of his mommy and stay healthy.  Really hope he’ll be able to spend more years with us.  They’re such joy to behold.

God bless Coffee & Pinky.

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