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Saw this on Weibo today. 


A bit difficult to translate word for word but it essentially says that when a gentle woman becomes bitchy, it’s ‘cos her man was lacking and she had to speak out.  When a pure & noble woman becomes domineering & detestable, it’s ‘cos her man did not meet the grade.  Conversely, an ordinary woman who becomes loveable & generous, is ‘cos of a good man.  Men should know that a woman’s beauty is half your credit, and her ugly side is half your doing.

During today’s sermon in church, the speaker raised the question of whether the early church (according to Paul’s instructions) permitted women teachers and leaders.  Despite Paul’s comment in 1 Tim 2 about women to be quiet & not to teach nor have authority over men, we do know, however, that Paul permitted women to prophesy & pray in church (1 Cor 11), and Paul also worked alongside Priscilla, thus showing his approval of women leaders.

The speaker’s final take was that the man is the head of the household.  When it comes to church & ministry, it is not wrong for women to do God’s work.  If there is no man who can do the work, then let the woman do it. 

I don’t know if that would be read with a tinge of sexism but if I were to rephrase in my own words what the speaker’s conclusion was, I would say let the best person do the job.  This, is my personal belief. 

With regard to the man always being the head of the household, this brings me back to what I read on Weibo.  I’m not saying that a woman can blame the man for her shortcomings because we all need to take responsibility for our behaviour.  However, I strongly believe that if a man wants to be the head of the household, he must show that he is better than the woman – stronger, more capable, more patient, more knowledgeable, more responsible. 

You know, when the bible says, “wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as you do to the Lord” (Ephesians 5), it doesn’t mean that men can use this to rule roughshod over their wives.  I would like to emphasise the line, “as you do to the Lord”.  Why do women submit to the Lord?  It is because God is ever righteous, ever loving, ever faithful.  When a woman submits to the Lord, His perfect grace brings out the best in her.  Therefore, men, if you want to be the head of the household, if you want a gentle, pure, noble, lovable & generous wife, then work on yourself first.

Men (Christian men especially) should never say that they do not need to take on responsibilities because their wives are strong.  If your wife is strong, if your wife is capable, then you just need to work on doing better.  This, is after all what God ordained.

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