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Silky Girl BB Cream

I’m in honeymoon mode already.  Hehe.  Still have a lot of things to clear in office but I was a little reluctant to start something that I won’t be able to finish by Wed, e.g. policy wording negotiations, etc.  Anyway, I popped over to Tg Pagar during lunch to “stretch” my wedding shoes a little […]

Temperature in Greece

Greece is HOT!  I hope the authorities get the wild fires under control quick!

The Here & Now

Just went through a massive clearing of old stuff from my room… continuation of the cleaning process that stopped at 3am last night. I threw out loads of notes from KC days, TPJC days and TJC days. Gosh. I’m an incredible hoarder. I suppose the process could be much quicker but I couldn’t help pause […]

Seeing Double

Argh.  I don’t believe this.  I actually crossed paths with gayhole again during lunch!  I went to Joe & Dough to buy a coffee & when I came out, I walked past gayhole, with his huge gym bag (and probably knocking over everyone on his way), heading to The Sandwich Shop.  I refused to even […]

Farking Emotional Gay Assholes

Saw the stupid gayhole on the train again this morning.  He was standing directly behind me.  Although I knew he would be able to see my sms, I didn’t bother.  I typed an sms to Iceman tell him that the “blardy asshole I quarelled with is standing directly behind me. Well, the gayhole was obviously […]

Too Many Things on My Mind

And I meant that literally.  This must be the longest silence on my blog ever but work has been crazy.  The endless phone calls, voice mails and deals coming in now is ridiculous.  A new girl, nicknamed Apple Pie (in line with the “McDonald’s theme”), joined us on 1 Jul but I haven’t been able […]

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