Too Many Things on My Mind

And I meant that literally.  This must be the longest silence on my blog ever but work has been crazy.  The endless phone calls, voice mails and deals coming in now is ridiculous.  A new girl, nicknamed Apple Pie (in line with the “McDonald’s theme”), joined us on 1 Jul but I haven’t been able to spend much time with her.  Sigh.  I can see her surfing POEMS and Yahoo regularly at work but I can’t blame her also… no time to coach her.

There were many things I saw and wanted to blog about in the past 2 weeks+ but just didn’t manage to get down to it.  Anyway, this is a short blog post to let you know I’m alive.  Gotta type out the “thank you speech” for the wedding soon.  Actually I thought out the whole speech in my mind last night… before I went to sleep…but didn’t have time to type it out during the day.  I hope I remember most of what I thought about!  I also thought about what to buy the parents as a “thank you gift”, amendments to make to the photo montage, etc.  Yeap… that’s how it’s been the past few weeks… holding a lot of information in my mind… waiting for that little bit of time that I can snatch to execute the thoughts!

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  1. 1 BH

    I wrote my thank you speech the morning of the wedding dinner itself..hehe..don’t worry about it. You have your way with words and I’m sure you’ll do fine 😛

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