Farking Emotional Gay Assholes

Saw the stupid gayhole on the train again this morning.  He was standing directly behind me.  Although I knew he would be able to see my sms, I didn’t bother.  I typed an sms to Iceman tell him that the “blardy asshole I quarelled with is standing directly behind me.

Well, the gayhole was obviously reading what I wrote.  ‘Cos he then started bitching to his gay partner abt me, after they moved slightly away (they were 2 people away from me).  So I continued my smsing with Iceman and Booze Queen and the gayhole started recounting to his partner how our quarrel started.  Of course, the gayhole made it seem like he was a saint.  He then said very loudly twice, “She’s probably sending smses to her friend to complain about me.  I’m sure she can hear what he said”.  And to be sure I could hear, he actually said that twice.

I ignored him the first time but when he said it again, I told my mom what he said and I said very loudly, “CHAO GAYS!”.

He didn’t defend the charge.

My mom said he turned to stare at me as he walked out.  I didn’t see it… I was still on my hp.  If I did, I probably would’ve rolled my eyes again. 

If he ever stands behind me again, I’m going to type on my hp, “Chao gayholes deserve to be called what they are for reading over other people’s shoulder”.

Seriously.  I hate these chao emotional gays with a fake angmoh slang.  So damn sissy and emotionally repressed. 


P.S.  I need to add a note to say that I have nothing against gays.  I have a good friend who’s gay.  But the difference between him and the gayhole above, is that my friend is NOT emo!!

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July 2009