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Shower Heads & Bacteria

I came across this Channel News Asia article that talked about how shower heads spread bacteria.  I did a bit more research online and found this other noteworthy article: The Daily Telegraph today reported that a “daily shower could be hazardous”. It says that US researchers have found that showerheads are “breeding grounds for bacteria […]

F1 – 25 Sep 2009

Pictures from Practice Sessions 1 & 2. The vintage cars again…       Renault – practising for another “crashgate”?     The pink sunset was pretty.   Sigh… will have to say goodbye to my office building soon…   Booze Queen & me   As the sun sets…   Our dinner stop     […]

The Ultimate Cheapskate

Good grief.  I just heard the ultimate story about how cheapskate some people can be!  When Bouncy’s boss bought a new handphone a couple of months ago, he threw his old phone into the dustbin.  When Bouncy found out, she actually retrieved the handphone, and sold it!  To top it off, she had the cheek […]

Will it be Nico & Nico next year?

Reproduced from CNA site: SINGAPORE: The 2009 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix will be Williams’ driver Kazuki Nakajima’s biggest test to date, as the 24-year-old battles to keep his place alongside team-mate Nico Rosberg. The Japanese driver has yet to score any points in 13 races this season, and talk in the paddock is […]

Flat Reno Update 1

This is the hole that joins the master bedroom to the 2nd bedroom.   The contractors broke one of the lights… lucky we weren’t intending to retain any of them.   Here’s a pic of the living room and balcony.   We find strange things in the flat everytime we pop down to inspect – […]


Sorry for rather frivolous posts recently but my boss went on a 2-week holiday so I’ve been kinda busy in office to process any serious thoughts.  Anyway, while doing an online search on various hairstyles with fringe, I came across this website with hairstyles for ladies with short, medium and long hair.  I thought it […]

Adult Ballet

I’ve always wanted to take ballet lessons again but it’s not been easy finding suitable classes for adults.  I’ve searched online off and on over the years but never found anything credible (please don’t ask me to sign up with some half past six school).  Anyway, my latest search 10min ago gave me hope!  Looks […]

Our Flat – Pre-Renovation

Based on our discussion with SBC Design over the weekend, the renovation for our flat will be starting tomorrow.  Yeap.  The hacking of the tiles & removal of the built-in wardrobes should start tomorrow.  Iceman and I went to the flat to take some photos of it… just to remember how it looked when we […]

Lotion for Permed Hair

I’m sitting at home trying not to fall asleep ‘cos F1 Monza is starting in 58min & Azure has generously opened her place for Iceman and I to watch it.  Heh.  So I decided to do this post on lotions for permed hair.  Since perming my hair 2 Fridays ago, I’ve been looking for a […]

Curly Hair & Me

I couldn’t resist – permed my hair last Fri.  Yuki did a “Japanese perm” this time – in short, my hair was set in curlers, doused with the first chemical, rinsed out, soaked with second chemical and the rinsed again.  The whole perming process took about 2+ hrs.  No heat was involved so the curls […]

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