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I’m sitting at home trying not to fall asleep ‘cos F1 Monza is starting in 58min & Azure has generously opened her place for Iceman and I to watch it.  Heh.  So I decided to do this post on lotions for permed hair.  Since perming my hair 2 Fridays ago, I’ve been looking for a suitable leave-in lotion/cream for my curls.  I bought the ISO Bouncy Creme from a shop at Raffles Place but am not very pleased with it.  I tried it for 2 days (last Mon & Tue) and felt that it dried out my hair by the end of the day.  In addition, the smell is VERY VERY strong!!  It smells as though I’m walking around with an entire salon on my head!  (This is coming from a person whose nose doesn’t pick up smells very well ‘cos of years of sinus…)

Unfortunately, I have a short memory and so I decided to give it another try today.  After all, I have a full bottle of it left so don’t waste right?  Sigh.  Regret. Now I’m typing on my laptop while choking on the smell from my hair, and thinking if I should wash my hair again, but am reluctant to do so ‘cos that’s very drying for hair.  Sigh.


I should’ve just stuck to using the Redken Curl Refiner that Booze Queen gave me (she had half a tube left from when her hair was curly).  The Redken product is a very lightly scented (excellent!) and it holds curls quite well.  It’s twice the price of ISO but it’s good!

Excuse me while I continue choking…

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  1. 1 BQ

    一分钱一分货 heheh

  2. 2 UptownGal

    Another gd thing abt Redken is that even if I accidentally apply more than needed, it’s not “heavy” on the hair.

  3. 3 UptownGal

    It’s been 2 weeks since i permed my hair and about 1.5 weeks since i first started using Redken and i’m v.happy that it doesn’t cause any pimple breakout on my back! yay! the previous cream i used when i last permed my hair, Bed Head, caused me to break out regularly.

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