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Tobias had a seizure on Thu night. Spent 4 hours at The Animal Doctors before he was seen by Dr Chandi. To summarise the findings at the vet: 1. Left ear has bacterial infection (which is unusual cos bunnies usually turn/scrunch towards the side that’s hurting but Tobias was scrunched to the right) 2. His […]

Bye bye, Tris

Tris left us on 21 May 2020. She didn’t eat much the day before but took CC when we fed her during lunch. She didn’t eat dinner so we fed her another round of CC at night. She wasn’t active the whole night so I came out around midnight to sit on the living room […]


I know one day I will look back at this and see that Covid-19 is just one of the many life experiences people gain during their lifetime. It will not be any different from SARS or H1N1 or any of the other pandemics that have hit the world before. Singapore started our “Circuit Breaker” on […]

Tobias and Tris

We adopted 2 bunnies last week. Tobias was rescued from s breeder and came home with us on 17 Jun 2015. Tris was found abandoned near a dog shelter and came home with us on 18 Jun. Both bunnies spent the weekend at Little Bobtail Resort as we were at church camp. Mon, 22 Jun, […]


It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy and sick. Pinky was diagnosed with snuffles just before CNY and his appetite got so severely affected that he developed GI Stasis a week later. The past couple of weeks have seen their up and downs. At Pinky’s weakest, his weight dropped to 1.37kg. […]

Sweet Dreams are made of these

Pinky dozed off after being patted on his head & started leaning over to his side. He then entered this deep sleep and I could see his eyeballs moving rapidly beneath his eyelids! Looked like he entered REM stage of sleep! Wonder what was he dreaming of…


Poor Pinky’s not well. The old boy has cataracts developing in both eyes. Brought him to the vet who prescribed medicine to slow down the cataracts but it’s not really possible to remove them (surgery would be too risky for an old bunny like him). Pinky has also developed snuffles (a rabbit cold). I hope […]

Impeccable Timing

Pinky has impeccable timing. He was flopped on his side, sleeping like a log while I was patting him. So I told him that I could only pat him for another 5 mins before going home. Lo & behold! Exactly 5 mins later, Pinky sprung up, scratched his ear, & ran out to the porch […]

It’s Pinky’s Birthday!

Pinky turned 8 today, 16 Jan 2014. That’ pretty old for a rabbit. We didn’t want to give him any sugary treats Cos he has a weak digestive system so my dad made this pseudo cake for him. Absolutely hilarious. Haha! I think he enjoyed it. Hehe.

Wake Me Up When September Comes

Pinky is absolutely adorable.  When he’s searching for food to eat, he really makes sure he sniffs every spot on the table.  Yeap.  No denying him any pellets man!!

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