Bye bye, Tris

Tris left us on 21 May 2020. She didn’t eat much the day before but took CC when we fed her during lunch. She didn’t eat dinner so we fed her another round of CC at night. She wasn’t active the whole night so I came out around midnight to sit on the living room and observe her. She seemed to be in pain around 1am so I gave her some rid wind and massaged her tummy. I went to shower, thinking I would feed another round of rid wind about 2am. Then I suddenly heard a loud crash coming from the playpen. I rushed out and saw Tris had pounced into the litter tray, her body in a loaf position but with her neck stretched out and stiff. I quickly woke Iceman up as I knew the end was near and there was no way we could make it down to any vet in time.

We patted her and told her we loved her and comforted her as much as we could. She then had a seizure and passed on.

Tobias was very upset about Tris’ passing. He refused to eat much for 2 days and we had to take him to the vet to be treated for GI stasis. Took him 2 weeks before he recovered and started eating normal quantities again. I didn’t know GI could last for 2 weeks!

But since then, Tobias refuses to eat plain hay so I make him CC hay every morn and night. He likes the CC hay though so that’s good.

We’re not intending to get a companion for Tobias as he’s getting on in age and it’s best if we can devote our full attention on him. He’s still very hyper and we’re thankful for that!

This is the last pic we took of them together, the day before Tris died.

We’ll miss you, pretty girl!

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