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Disappointed with Nokia

I found the first major flaw of the Nokia X6 – it doesn’t come with QuickOffice nor Adobe Reader!  Both apps can be downloaded from the Nokia OVI store at a cost of S$32.99 and S$14.99 respectively.  I’m terribly disappointed about this since both software came FREE with my Nokia N82.  Hmph.  Nokia should’ve given […]

Random Pic of OCBC

There’s apparently some OCBC bicycle event coming up.  Saw this publicity stand outside OCBC Centre today.  I decided to take a picture to test the limits of the Nokia X6’s camera.  I initially thought the pic wouldn’t come out very well ‘cos the surroundings were very dark though the display itself was lighted.  I was […]

Peach Garden (OCBC Centre)

Iceman and I brought my parents to Peach Garden for dinner.  I’ve always enjoyed the food there but have never been able to take photos because I’m always there for lunch with clients, making it a little challenging to take photos. Here’s what we had tonight. Fried silver fish with spices for appetizer (I know […]

Deck the Malls

There’s an amazing number of new malls along Orchard recently. Visited 313@Somerset and Orchard Central for the 1st time today. It was quite crowded for a Wed afternoon… filled with rich students and working adults, presumably clearing leave. Saw this prettily decorated shop and managed to snap 2 pictures before I was chased away.  Salesgirl, […]

New X6 Cover

Bought a new X6 cover today. Not my ideal ‘cos of the flaps… but it certainly looks better than the white silicone one I bought yesterday!

The Patent War Powers On

If I were a lawyer, I would specialise in intellectual property rights, and I would base myself in the US. If you recall, Nokia sued Apple in Oct this year for infringing 10 of its patents.  These patents were in relation to GSM, HSDPA and WLAN technologies.  Apple is now countersuing Nokia for infringing their […]

Baseless Assumptions

Since young, I’ve always hated it when people make baseless assumptions. Some of the things that really get on my nerves are: Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m not IT savvy. Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I need to change my surname. Just because I share a car with my husband doesn’t mean […]

Chocolat & Spice

Bought an Orange Peel & Raisin muffin from the famous Chocolat & Spice at Tg Pagar Plaza during lunch. Not bad..crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Quite sweet too.. But it’s not as fabulous as people make it out to be. Posted by Wordmobi

Comes With Music

  Nokia’s Comes With Music is great man!  There’re tons of songs for users to download and the download speed is tremendously fast!  I got about 100 songs in about 30 minutes?  It’s important to note, however, that you are only allowed to register 1 pc to play the song (apart from your Nokia device […]

Initial Feel of the Nokia X6

Pros: Has 3 levels of tactile feedback you can choose from. Excellent keyboard response for both qwerty & keypad input. Playlist DJ is great! The homescreen can be customised.  You can have the traditional Nokia desktop or the Contacts bar displayed.  You can also set what shortcut icons you want on your homescreen. Supports dictionaries […]

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