Peach Garden (OCBC Centre)

Iceman and I brought my parents to Peach Garden for dinner.  I’ve always enjoyed the food there but have never been able to take photos because I’m always there for lunch with clients, making it a little challenging to take photos.

Here’s what we had tonight.


Fried silver fish with spices for appetizer (I know “silver fish” sounds like those insects in mouldy books but this is really fish ok?  Edible fish…)  The silver fish were fried to a crisp.  Not bad though I wished there were more fish and less flour.



Beef tenderloin cubes fried with onions and garlic.  Excellent dish!  The beef was very tender and tasty though the fried garlic was a little too salty.




Braised Mixed Vegetables.  Sounded strange at first that a restaurant like Peach Garden would serve “mixed vegetables” but their take on the dish was very unusual.  Wrapped in beancurd skin, the veggies consist of mushrooms, fish maw (don’t ask me how this is a vegetable), black fungus, white fungus and some green veg.  The beancurd skin was very tasty as it had absorbed the gravy of the dish and the vegetables inside retained their natural flavours.  Good!



This is Peach Garden’s signature dish.  I’m not sure what’s the official name ‘cos I always order it by saying, “signature toufu, single serving per person, the one with veg on top” and voila!  This appears.  The crab meat gravy goes very well with the smooth toufu with seaweed (I think) on top.  There’s also vegetables below the toufu.  I love this.




Now this is a dish that can’t be found on the menu.  It’s a dish that the service staff sometimes recommend to regular customers who want something special.  I call it the “inner circle” dish.  You can order it by telling the waiter/waitress that you want the “mee sua with egg white & scallop & prawn”.  It’s marinated with Chinese rice wine and when you mix the mee sua into the eggwhite gravy, the result is a very very delectable and extremely delicious dish!  The succulent scallop is pan fried and tastes soooo good.  The prawn is crunchy & fresh.

As I don’t fancy prawns, I had a “special order” for mine – 2 scallops instead of 1 prawn and 1 scallop.  *SLURP*!



I had the mango sago with pomelo for dessert.  I like it because it wasn’t too watery.  It could’ve done with more pomelo and sago though.  It was nice nonetheless!

(Sorry for the not so nice photos.  I was too lazy to get out of my seat to take the pics.  Heh.  Photos taken with the Nokia X6 camera using night mode.)

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