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Marina Bay Countdown 2011

Went for my very first countdown event because I got wind that David Tao was going to perform 10 songs (I think he did about 12 songs in the end) and I thought this might be a good chance to meet him in person.  Heh.  The countdown show, in my opinion, was boring.  Most of […]

è®°å¾— (Remember)

FM93.3 has been playing JJ Lin’s è®°å¾— quite regularly recently. I remember the first time I heard this song was during this songwriter forum at 爱琴海. JJ Lin was still an unknown singer then and was about to relocate to to taiwan to start his singing career. The melody of the song was written by […]

1am.  Youku finally can load.  Check this out!! Or view it here:

The Making of 暗恋

Mio is disgustingly slow!!!  Good grief… takes like 5-8 refreshes before I can load any page.  What the hell is wrong with Mio?!?  My nightly Internet connection is so damn freaking unstable ever since BPL started.  ARGH!. Anyway, I couldn’t find the entire Admiration MV (but that’s ‘cos I still can’t load tudou / youku […]

David Tao – Admiration

From what I read, David Tao directed a 1hr MV for one of his songs, Admiration.  Unfortunately, I can only find the first 2 parts on Youtube.  🙁     Wonder where I can find the rest of the story…

Sing a Song for Singapore

This year’s National Day song…   It’s a brand new day a brand new story I remembered the way it used to be We’ve come so far You’re my history you’re my beginning In all I’ve done I’ve been nurtured in your arms And you carried me this far Chorus: I want to sing Sing […]

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

Today marks the 45th year since Singapore gained independence.  This is one of the old National Day songs that I really love.  🙂   And my all time favourite, Kit Chan’s rendition of “Home”.   I’ll be watching the parade on TV tonight.  What about you?

Be Glad

Just wanted to share 3 acapella songs I like very much by the group, Glad. You Put this Love in my Heart [audio:Glad-UPutThisLoveInMyHeart.MP3] Be Glad [audio:Glad-Be-Glad.MP3] Someone to Watch Over Me [audio:Glad-SomeoneToWatchOverMe.MP3]

Today is the Day – Paul Baloche

I love songs with great melodies & lyrics. Amen!

What Time Is It

Anyone remembers the old Tiger ad campaign – What Time Is It? Well, for those who don’t remember, or perhaps just forgot… the Hokkien version was by… Cai Lizhang!  Heh.  This was the brainchild of the original artistic director who came up with the ad campaign, Liang Weifeng (if my sources are correct). Here’s the […]

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