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I shall call her Samaritan, not cos she’s an enemy but cos I should learn to love her.

Mercy & Justice

Read something interesting in Our Daily Bread today – mercy doesn’t mean lack of accountability and pursuing justice doesn’t mean retributive revenge.


Someone told someone who shared with me a long time ago that, when you put God first, everything else will fall in place. This wasn’t a statement to comfort in difficult times but a reminder, a warning, in good times. Hearing the different trials and thanksgiving various people experienced in 2018, I could at times […]


Today I read that ‘surrender’ is a battle term. And I am battling a lot of things. My fears, my doubts, my inadequacies, my self-worth. And I realise it’s harder to surrender to God one’s disappointments and doubts than to surrender one’s joy and dreams. At least it is for me. I think it’s logical […]

Lord and Saviour

The speaker said in church yesterday that Christians sometimes make the mistake by thinking of Christ only as our Saviour, and not as Lord. Very true, very true.

Temporary Authority

There’re different forms of authority that we need to learn to submit to. When we volunteer for a project, we have to respect the instructions & guidelines set by the project organisers. Sure, nobody’s paying you to do volunteer work. You may even feel that you have a better way of doing things; but if […]

The Only Real Free Gift

Got a bracelet as a “free gift” when i bought some SKII products recently. I think everyone knows that’s an oxymoron and contradiction. After all, it’s not really free cos i paid for some products before i got the bracelet thrown in. But during the Lord’s supper just now, it occurred to me that the […]

When God Calls

I’ve come to realise that when God calls someone to Him, nothing can really stop that person from knowing & believing God.  I have sensed, felt & observed it happen before and I can see it’s going to happen again.

Men & Women

Saw this on Weibo today.  一个温顺女人变得泼辣,一定是男人不争气,她不得不出头。一个纯洁、清高女人变得恶俗,一定是男人档次不够高。相反,一个平庸女人,相貌变得可爱,眼睛变得灵光,举手投足变得有风度,一定有一个好男人。男人要知道,女人的美有你一半的功劳,她的丑也有你一半的过错。 A bit difficult to translate word for word but it essentially says that when a gentle woman becomes bitchy, it’s ‘cos her man was lacking and she had to speak out.  When a pure & noble woman becomes domineering & detestable, it’s ‘cos her man did not meet the […]

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