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Ang Pow Table

Got this from a friend.  I thought it was hilarious.  See the “Variable Factors” at the bottom.  Hehehe.

Friends & Make-up

I’m torn.  I can’t decide if I should go for cellgroup tonight or should I go for the Lunasol appointment I made some time back.  No chance of rescheduling the appt because there’s some make-up artist coming from Japan and she/he’ll only be here this weekend.  Didn’t know there would be cellgroup tonight before I […]

Trying Too Hard to Sound Cheem

I think it’s very important that we review quotations we cite.  A friend of mine has this as his quotation on Facebook: “Set yourself on fire in the things you believe in, and people will come from miles to watch you burn!”. The first thought when I read his quotation was – is this chap […]

More than Meets the Eye

Got these as presents from my parents for the wedding.  My mom says it’s considered my dowry.  Whatever… doesn’t matter what you call it… hehehe.  The dangling part of the earrings can be removed if I only want to wear the studs.  Totally cool!  Transformer earrings!  And there ain’t no decepticons in there! P.S. Bought […]

AP – Saturday, May 23 BEIJING – Chen Fuchao, a man heavily in debt, had been contemplating suicide on a bridge in southern China for hours when a passer-by came up, shook his hand _ and pushed him off the ledge. ADVERTISEMENT Chen fell 26 feet (8 meters) onto a partially inflated emergency air cushion […]

I came out of the shower and found Muah Chee waiting for me, bag packed.  MC: Let’s go!  I’ve packed my stuff! Me: Go where? MC: To the new flat lah.  I saw the exercised Option to Purchase Form. Me: Er… the entire process will take 3-4 months, dude. MC: Oh…

This is a classic case of Bubbs’ boss being SLOW in learning of the latest news happenings.  It’s 4:38pm and he just exclaimed, “Oh my god.  Singapore confirms its first swine flu case”. Duh?  The news broke before lunch lor.  *Rolls eyes*

The 3 Rabbiteers

     Pinky, Horlicks and Coffee – enjoying carrots, their weekend snack   Pinky loves to jump on top of this box.  Heh.  Always wanted to take photo of him but he usually jumped off before I could grab my camera.     Pinky – sleepy on a hot Sun afternoon   Off to dream […]

Of Eye Liners and Tight Lining

Those following this blog would know that I’m forever on a quest to find an eyeliner that does not smudge when I tightline my upper lid.  I’ve tried the Revlon pencil, Bobbi Brown gel liner, Mac gel liner, Mac Engrave Powerpoint, Majolica liquid liner, and the list goes on. It was only last week when […]

Au Petit Salut

Went to Au Petit Salut for dinner last night.  I had the french onion (a little bland once the cheese on top is finished), the seabass (very tasty) and the warm chocolate cake (delicious but nothing outstanding).  The meal came up to $61, paid for by an underwriter.  Heh.  We also had wine but I’m […]

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