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Browsers for Nokia

I’ve always been very satisfied with how the default Nokia browser displays webpages. They render well and columns usually get resized nicely such that i don’t have to scroll left and right while reading a webpage. What i don’t like, however, is that the browser doesn’t display webpages in full screen by default. I thus […]

A Matter of Perspective

Whether something is good or bad often boils down to a matter of perspective. For e.g., i saw some school kids from Temasek Junior College today and realised it’s been 13 years since i graduated, which also means that i’m not getting any younger. Sad. The good thing though, i can still wear my school […]

Baikohken Ramen

I’ve always enjoyed the ramen at Baikohken ever since Booze Queen first introduced it to me slightly over a year ago.  As I usually eat there during lunch, I never had the chance to eat there with Iceman.  After seeing it being featured on TV a couple of days ago, Iceman and I decided to […]

Coffee & Tea

If you’ve been to any local coffee stalls to order coffee, you’ll realise the plethora of terms Singaporeans use to differentiate the type of coffee or tea they wish to order.  It took me quite a while to memorise all the terms so here’s a reference guide for anyone who’s unclear. Kopi – coffee with […]

Chatty Cabbies

People usually dislike chatty taxi drivers and i’m no exception, usually. What i’ve come to realise, however, is that what i dislike are cabbies who just want a captive audience to listen to them gripe about how lousy life is and how they’re shortchanged by the system. That irks me. What i don’t mind really, […]

Lift Etiquette

Since my company moved to Tg Pagar, I take the MRT lift every day as the lift exit is the shortest route to the office.  As there’re always too many people trying to get into the lift, I always take the escalator to the ticket concourse level, enter the lift which goes back down one […]

Read something funny when i got to office this morning. There was this mass e-mail sent to the user group name, “Non-US Colleagues”. The 1st line of the e-mail, however, said this: “For all users outside the US, please ignore this e-mail which is meant for US colleagues only. I couldn’t help laughing when i […]

Cool Symbian Apps!

Iceman 1st came across these apps on Windows Mobile Marketplace & told me that the Symbian version is available too. Here’s introducing 3 apps that’re very handy for Singaporeans! 1st is the app to check your mobile data usage. This is compatible for M1 & Singtel subscribers. I tested it earlier & I think it […]

Down Again!

Twitter is down.  So annoying.  Grr.

Moving Out

A friend of mine posted on Facebook recently that she doesn’t quite feel at home staying at her parents’ place anymore.  I suppose that might be ‘cos she has moved out with her husband and children for more than 10 years.  I wondered if I would ever feel that way.  Thus, everytime I go back […]

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