Lift Etiquette

Since my company moved to Tg Pagar, I take the MRT lift every day as the lift exit is the shortest route to the office.  As there’re always too many people trying to get into the lift, I always take the escalator to the ticket concourse level, enter the lift which goes back down one level to the train platform, before it goes to the ground level.  I do this because it is next to impossible to get into the lift at the train platform level.  (Which means my journey goes like this – enter lift at level B2, go back down to B3 train platform, then back up to B2 still in the lift, then to the ground level 1 to exit lift).

Even though this is very “kiasu” (scared to lose) behaviour, it is necessary if you want to get into the lift at all so I’m not ashamed about it.  It does tick me off, however, when this fat angmoh (really really bulging stomach – bigger than some pregnant women at full term) who enters at ground level has difficulty getting out at B3, and he always goes “tsk tsk tsk” ‘cos he has to squeeze out.  I feel like telling him, “If you were slimmer, you would have less difficulty squeezing out”.  I bet you one day I will be pissed off enough and I will say it in his face.

Despite the general chaos and pushing and shoving it takes to get into the lift, I strongly believe people should abide by some simple lift etiquette.  Even though there’re no queues to enter the lift, you should still let the people who reached before you enter first.  I try to adhere to this and for people who arrive after me?  If they try to push in in front of me, they will meet my elbow or my laptop bag and I can be quite merciless! (BTW, the Lenovo Thinkpad X200 is really hardy.  It’s been slammed into numerous people!)

In addition, if you are the last person to enter the lift, and the “lift overload” warning goes off, please have the courtesy to step out – and perhaps consider going on a diet.  Don’t “act blur” and pretend as though you weren’t the culprit who set off the warning.  What good does it do if the lift doors won’t close and the lift won’t move?  Everyone (including you) is stuck right?

That’s precisely what happened this morning.  I was quite pissed off and so I said in a loud & stern voice, “Will the last person who entered please walk out?”

There was complete silence in the lift for a second… then a guy stepped out, though I think he was made the scapegoat.  I was pretty sure it was the stupid woman on his left who was the last to enter – he was second last.

Anyway, I don’t care.  It’s none of my problem as long as the lift moves.

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