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The Wedding Banquet

Acorn’s wedding dinner was tonite. We all had a gay (happy) time. During the dinner tonight, there was a video recap of some of the torture Acorn’s “brotherhood” was put through at the bride’s home yesterday, in order to get the bride. I was an eye-witness to the torture actually. A brief rehash of what […]

Familial Relations

Been wanting to write this down for some time but never got down to it. Although i’m an only child, i’ve somehow “adopted” several “family members” over the years. Let’s sort it out. 1992 – Got my first Kor. Still my fave Kor & probably the one i really treat as me brudder. 1995 – […]


Just wanna extend my warmest (the weather today was truly a display of that!) congratulations to Acorn who got married today!! Acorn is an old friend of mine – since secondary school. I remember many years back… i think it was in 1996… Acorn, Socks & i formed this “club” called the Joyless Luckless Club […]

Sky Blues

On my way to work today, it suddenly occurred to me that the person i was hoping to receive a birthday greeting from didn’t wish me. No sms, no email, nothing. Guess it was just a matter of time before he forgot… from cards to phone calls, to sms, to naught. Good thing was that […]


Ah… finally done with personalising my blog. Spent the last 3 hrs on it… tedious indeed.The friendster powered blog didn’t really give many options to personalise the page so i decided to shift my blog over here. A good old trusted friend just suggested this topic to blog abt – ICQ vs MSN. While i […]

Pet Peeves

If there is one thing I can’t stand, that’s guys getting too touchy with me. OK, I admit I’m pretty non-tactile. But heck right? I buay song means i buay song. When I was studying in NTU, i used to have this problem with a certain schoolmate of mine, Boon Tong Kee (BTK). We got […]


Saw this article in today’s Today… I quite liked it. I can identify with the part about “grammatizing” Singlish… hehe. I totally totally agree that speaking Singlish is no way as jarring (if at all) as speaking broken English. As azure & I discovered a long time ago – using Singlish is differentiating from speaking […]


I’ve been seeing newspaper articles on these African scammers for years now – those that send u an email telling u that they want to work with you to get some money out of the country sort. Finally after a long wait, i got my own personal african scam email! Woohoo! Got it in the […]

The Story of Square Pegs

Just finished watching the last episode of Square Pegs (by TVB productions). It’s a very short serial – only 20 episodes, but it’s one of the most touching stories I’ve ever seen. Official Website : Released : 2003 Main Cast : Roger Kwok – Li Jizhong / Ding A-Wang Jessica Hester Hsuen – Caifeng […]

Star Wars Episode III

Some observations after watching Starwars Epi III last night (movie ticket was courtesy of Astronaut. Thanks Astro!) 1) Mace Windu would not have been murdered. Did you see the number of spaceships that were flying to & fro outside the window when Mace fell off the building? Gosh! If it was Singapore, every driver would […]

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