Ah… finally done with personalising my blog. Spent the last 3 hrs on it… tedious indeed.The friendster powered blog didn’t really give many options to personalise the page so i decided to shift my blog over here.

A good old trusted friend just suggested this topic to blog abt – ICQ vs MSN.

While i still use both ICQ & MSN, i noticed recently that some of my friends have moved over to use MSN exclusively. (Especially people born in the 80s or later.) Personally, i don’t like the format of MSN – the “IRC chat layout”. The most irritating attribute about that is that if the person you’re talking to is overly-enthusiastic, and keeps typing, there is NO way you can read ‘cos everytime the person hits , the screen jumps to the latest entry and you just can’t catch up on what was typed earlier. This forces one to pay full attention to the MSN chat and isn’t very conducive for multi-tasking. Hence i really really really love ICQ for the one message at a time format.

On the other hand, the emoticons of ICQ are jurassic. I love the emoticons that MSN offers, especially how u can personalise the emoticons. Totally cool. But when it comes to cute, i think nothing beats Yahoo messenger in terms of cute emoticons.

But then again, the biggest problem with MSN gotta be that it is like the only instant messenger that doesn’t allow one to leave an offline message! OK… i get the part that it’s supposed to be “instant” but hey, being able to leave offline messages is an important feature right? Say i’m asleep or away from my computer when someone sends me an MSN mesage… and before i can reply, the person logs off. Then wat do i do?

Bottomline is, i have my gripes with both ICQ & MSN. If only we could combine the best of both! Hmm… what do you think?

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  1. 1 goi

    get with the times, use miranda

  2. 2 UptownGal

    Only use Miranda in office… it’s a little on the plain side… i still like the fancy emoticons of MSN…

  3. 3 yibi


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