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Stupid No Cure

A tenant threatened legal action against me today. What happened was this. His lease ended on 7 May 2006 and when the developer took over the apartment, they found that there was standing lamp missing as per the inventory list signed last year. The tenant, Puerile Downs then said that there never was a standing […]

The moral of the Story…

A few people have actually asked me what’s the moral of the story and i told them that they were supposed to come to that conclusion themselves. But, since more than 1 person asked, i shall post my answers here: 1) Our parents will always want the best for us, though they may not necessarily […]

Last nite, my parents & i were ordering dessert during dinner when i said i wanted cold cheng teng. My dad said that cold cheng teng not worth it, because it’s more ice than the dessert itself. He said it was better to order the hot one, and let it cool down over dinner. But […]


海的思念绵延不绝 终于和天在地平线交会 爱如果走得够远 应该也会跟幸福相见 承诺常常很像蝴蝶 美丽的飞盘旋然后不见 但我相信你给我的誓言 就像一定会来的春天 我始终带着你爱的微笑 一路上寻找我遗失的美好 不小心当泪滑过嘴角 就用你握过的手抹掉 再多的风景也从不停靠 只一心寻找我遗失的美好 有的人说不清哪里好 但就是谁都替代不了 在最开始的那一秒有些事早已经注定要到老 虽然命运爱开玩笑真心会和真心遇到 Really like the lyrics of this song. Couldn’t quite decide whose version to put on my blog – Kelly Poon’s, or Zhang Shao Han. In the end, i decided to go with the former… smaller file size… […]

The Epitomy of Stupidity

I just made a majorly stupid mistake. I forgot to pay my credit card bills. And got charged $75. It would have been only $25… but ‘cos i thought i paid my bills, when i didn’t.. so all 3 cards got levied a $25 late charge, adding up to $75. Which is DAMN FREAKING STUPID […]


out·li·er n. One whose domicile lies at an appreciable distance from his or her place of business. A value far from most others in a set of data: “Outliers make statistical analyses difficult” (Harvey Motulsky). Geology. A portion of stratified rock separated from a main formation by erosion. Growing up, i’ve often suspected that i’m […]

The Time Has Come

It was raining heavily this evening so my dad locked Pinky & Horlicks in the same cage to stop them from playing in the rain. When my dad went to feed them dinner at about 9:30pm, my dad saw Pinky mounting Horlicks. Sigh. The time has come. Pinky has to go for his snip snip […]

Warring States

Side gate seperating Horlicks & Pinky’s backyard from No Man’s Land. The side of my house and the backyard have been sectioned off into 4 different areas so the different rabbits can roam freely within their territories. Muah Chee & Peanut stay in the 1st section, which is at the start of the side yard. […]

Hunger Strike!

Pinky went on a hunger strike today. He didn’t want to eat his pellets during breakfast so before i left for work, i tried to feed him some carrot shreds. He ate 7 short shreds of carrot. My dad said he didn’t really touch his lunch either. Dinner was slightly better… he ate some pellets […]

Pinky hates me…

Pinky hates me now. 🙁 Pinky has been having a slight cold since last Sunday. At first, i thought he was better so i cancelled this morning’s appointment with the vet. However, after reaching home just now, i saw that he still had this white gooey mucus and was still sneezing a little so i […]

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