Pinky hates me…

Pinky hates me now. 🙁 Pinky has been having a slight cold since last Sunday. At first, i thought he was better so i cancelled this morning’s appointment with the vet. However, after reaching home just now, i saw that he still had this white gooey mucus and was still sneezing a little so i brought him down to the vet.

Not sure why but Pinky was quite scared by the car ride this time. Maybe it was ‘cos this stupid Mercedes cut into our lane suddenly and Cirrus was forced to step on the brakes… the sudden deceleration caused Pinky to skid & knock his head against the side of the carrier. Poor Pinky…

When we got to the vet, (it was the same allergic vet but he didn’t sneeze this time), Pinky was rather frightened and didn’t dare to come out of the carrier. So the vet examined him in the carrier and gave him an antibiotics jab in his right backside. Pinky really freaked out… he trembled with fear when the needle went in. Poor poor Pinky.

While the vet was preparing the medicine, i told Pinky to be brave and not to be scared of the dogs barking. I told to pretend that they were our neighbours’ dogs. I also told Pinky that he has to get used to coming to the vet ‘cos he’ll be here again in 2 months time… the vet laughed.

When we went back to the waiting area for the receptionist to do the billing, Pinky looked very freaked out. I tried to pat him and he actually shied away from my hand. Cirrus said, “Pinky doesn’t like you anymore.” Sob sob. I feel so sad. My favourite bunny doesn’t like me anymore.

After we got home, Pinky refused to eat anything. Maybe his butt still hurts from the jab. Muah Chee & Coffee refused to eat too when they were in pain. I promised Pinky that i’ll give him some biscuits once the pet shop delivered all the food & bedding i ordered.

At about 10:05pm, the delivery arrived and i immediately took the biscuit treat to Pinky. He ate like 1¾ biscuits and went to lie down again. Oh dear… the usually jumpy boy didn’t even attempt to charge out of his cage. He must really hate me…. waaaaah! His dinner was also untouched. 🙁

Sigh… now i don’t know if it was a wrong decision to bring him to the vet. I told the vet that i actually cancelled an earlier appointment ‘cos Pinky seemed to be getting better… but the vet said “better safe than sorry”. Apparently the cold (or more accurately the infection) that Pinky got the last time tends to be recurring. So he said better to put Pinky on antibiotics before his condition gets worse.

So for the next 10-14 days, Pinky will have to take 0.3ml of this antibiotics that has been diluted with syrup. I hope the little boy cooperates and eats his medicine.

Argh… my nose is dripping. Think i caught a cold too. (No, it’s not from Pinky. Human colds & rabbit colds are quite different and not inter-spread-able). I’ll set my alarm clock for 1am to check on Pinky later… that little boy always makes me so worried about him.


12:10am. Pinky seems to be recovering from the injection alright. Went down to take a peek at him and he was quite active again. Didn’t eat much of his dinner but he finished the balance of the biscuit i left in his food tray. He kept biting his cage to be let out so i let him out for a short run about the yard. He didn’t let me carry him on the first try but gave in when i picked him up the 2nd time. Sigh… that naughty boy. I think he’ll be fine. I prayed that God will heal him. I’m sure He can…Jehovah Ropheka… what’s a little sick bunny to an almighty God right?

Meanwhile… i need to look for medicine for my tummy… diarrhoea + cold… hope it’s not stomach flu!!

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