Hunger Strike!

Pinky went on a hunger strike today. He didn’t want to eat his pellets during breakfast so before i left for work, i tried to feed him some carrot shreds. He ate 7 short shreds of carrot.

My dad said he didn’t really touch his lunch either.

Dinner was slightly better… he ate some pellets (according to my dad) and so my dad topped up his food tray with pellets & thin strips of celery in case he got hungry during the night.

After i got home, i let Pinky out of his cage & he ran around a bit. Horlicks was locked in her cage and there were strands of hay sticking out of it. Pinky ate some strands, and stuck his mouth through the grilles of the cage to pull more out! Heh… that little thief. Think he ate about 4 strands?

Finally, before i locked him back into his own cage, i placed 10 strands of hay there. Hope he eats them all!!

Oh and i don’t think Pinky is angry with me. He jumped onto my lap twice when i was sitting on the small plastic chair in the yard. He also didn’t struggle when i carried him in my arms.

The funniest part was this… i was worried that Pinky wasn’t drinking water. So i placed the water dish in front of him when he ran over to the drain area. Tapping on the water tray, i told Pinky to “drink water” and the good little boy took a few sips. I asked him to drink more water but he refused and ran away, back into his cage… and guess what? He went to pee immediately! Haha… i think he was trying to tell me that he drank water today. Heh. Smart boy!

I prayed for Pinky again. Prayed that God will heal him and restore his appetite. Would you pray for Pinky too?


I took a photo just now of all the food in Pinky’s cage. He has a whole buffet spread – pellets, biscuit bits, chopped celery, alfafa hay & timothy hay…. and those are Pinky’s hind legs in the photo… not food…


1:32am. I went to check on Pinky. Took another photo for comparison. I think Pinky ate a little bit of the celery, as well as the timothy hay.

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