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Day 2

Survived the drinks event thingy with Cofrance. Felt a little weird when my boss, Big Mac, brought the managing director of Cofrance & the senior manager who interviewed me over to talk to me. I was like… yada yada yada. Kena suan-ed by the MD about how Raffles (my exec director at Eon) managed to […]

Much Ado About Nothing

First day at Eon… dragged myself out of bed at 7am in the morning. The amazing thing sparked my mind off early in the morning such that i didn’t snooze longer, was that my phone rang at 6:59am… and when i got out of bed to answer the call, the phone stopped ringing and the […]

Best of the Best

This entry is specially dedicated to Muah Chee. Poor poor boy got his ear bitten, and a bit of the edge got chewed off! It’s like jagged & torn at the edge.  So poor thing. My heart goes out to the poor boy. I think it was caused by Coffee ‘cos on Saturday afternoon, Coffee […]

Best Parking Idiots Photo

This is the best photo i’ve seen on the site so far.  Haha… but as 1 of the comments on the website pointed out, the photo is likely to have been taken by the driver of the Matrix ‘cos its number plate has been edited out, but not the number plate of the Lexus!  Click […]

I want to be a Tai-Tai

Today is my last day of nua-ing before i start my new job. Sob sob…. so sad… time flies when u’re in a state of perpetual inertia. My new workplace starts work at 8:30am!! Gosh… how on earth can people work before 9am? My body will still be sleeping even if it’s physically in office! […]

Why Choose?

Hehe… more geeky updates from me. I recently bought both the Canon Ixus 60 digicam, as well as the Nokia N73 hp! (Feeling really broke now). I didn’t do as much research into which digicam to buy this time, as compared to 2 years back when i compared reviews online and so on. Basically, i […]

Are u a Parking Idiot?

My goodness! My sides are hurting from laughing. I just came across this website that features photos of parking idiots! It’s hilarious! It’s definitely going into my Blogroll! Hahahahahaha…. Click here to see it!

Language Quirks

I was surfing the Mr. Brown website when i found a short excerpt of PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech on the site. No offence to our PM but when PM Lee made the first grammatical error in his speech… i thought, nevermind… people may have a slip of tongue when they speak… but when […]

Back from my first visit to Thailand!  Learnt a lot of new things… 1.  Monopoly Leads to Lousy Food The food at Han’s @ Changi Airport’s Budget Terminal sucks.  Don’t eat there.  If u must have some food before u board the plane, buy snacks from the shops inside the terminal.  I waited 35min for my […]

Please help me call SPCA

dear fans, i want to lodge a complain against my owners.  they’ve been ill-treating me.  they make me beg for my food, and they don’t let me sleep in peace.  they keep making a lot of noise whenever i lie down for my afternoon nap.  i overheard my maid telling her mom just now, that […]

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