Day 2

Survived the drinks event thingy with Cofrance. Felt a little weird when my boss, Big Mac, brought the managing director of Cofrance & the senior manager who interviewed me over to talk to me. I was like… yada yada yada. Kena suan-ed by the MD about how Raffles (my exec director at Eon) managed to talk me into joining Eon instead of Cofrance. I just laughed. What am i expected to say right? My boss was quick in his rejoinder. He said that as brokers, naturally we have to be persuasive, and now that i have an “affinity” with Cofrance, i’ll be more proactive in getting clients for them. Right.

Did the smile-and-nod-your-head the whole night ‘cos i really don’t have any knowledge of trade credit insurance at all. Parasited myself alternately on my colleagues, Beanstalk, and Banker. Beanstalk has been in Eon for about 5 years… and was in the pioneer Trade Credit team. Banker joined Eon a month before me… he was from the banking & finance sector so he’s very good with things like factoring & discounting (whatever that is, i’m pretty sure it’s not the type of discounting i know!)

The 4 of us in the department sit in a square. I sit at the front left corner, Banker sits on my right, my boss sits behind him, and Beanstalk sits behind me. I have the worst seat ‘cos obviously Beanstalk has an unblocked view of my monitor, and ‘cos of the curvature of my workstation, my monitor’s angled such that it’s facing the direction of my boss. Sigh. No privacy at all. What to do? Bottom of the foodchain mah. Sigh.

From the 2 days of interactions with my dept, i think they’re nice people. Very genuine & helpful. Beanstalk, being the more senior one in my dept, is very approachable & ‘cos he sits behind me, he always gets the stupid qns from me like – “where’s the printer?”, “where’s the pantry?”, “who’s this person, who’s that person?”, etc. He has also offered to take me along to see a prospective client tomorrow.

Didn’t get to talk much to Banker till tonight ‘cos he was buried in his own work yesterday, and he spent a good part of today preparing notes on banking stuff for me. Hehe. So paiseh. But he’s also approachable & basically, i don’t feel the need to guard against them.

Sometimes, i feel a little uncomfortable with my boss ‘cos i feel kind of stupid… totally don’t know what he wants. But he’s given me 3 cases to read up on… so hopefully i’ll my intelligence will grow a bit after this. Bad thing is, i’ve been reading so much things that my brain has gone numb.

I wonder what they think of me. Hope i don’t leave a bad impression right from the beginning ‘cos i truly believe that 1st impressions last. Okie… time to zzz. Really tired tonight.

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