Like an Ulcer…

Have u ever experienced happily munching away on some yummy food when u bite the insides of your mouth? I HATE the feeling ‘cos it jolts me from my enthusiastic enjoyment to this rude, sharp pain in the mouth. I get even more pissed when i use my tongue to touch the area and realise there’s blood. It just totally pisses me off lor… although it’s not a life & death kind of injury but i just hate it. I think it’s probably the rude end to my enjoyment that gets me so riled up about it. (Thought of this analogy ‘cos it just happened when i was eating my fishsoup dinner just now).

That brings me to my peeve for today. Was happily surfing the Internet for information on my latest favourite TV serial, My Lovely Samsoon, when i got a call on my hp. I was quite happy to hear my hp ring ‘cos i just updated my ringtones to songs from the soundtrack of Samsoon… so i was glad to hear someone call & help me “test” my ringtones.

However, the call came from some stupid financial planner who didn’t even introduce herself! Her opening line went, “Hi, is this Uptowngal? Is this a convenient time to talk? CC recommended me to call u… I’m not sure if CC has mentioned me to you?”

Hello Miss Moron! U didn’t even id yourself, how am i supposed to know if anyone has mentioned u to me b4? DUH!! I would have rolled my eyes over the phoneline if that were possible. (Till now, i still don’t know her name.)

I said, “No, i have not talked to CC so i didn’t hear about u.”

The stupid FP went on to say something about how she was in a discussion with CC & he told her that i’m “a very successful person in my field of real estate.. blah blah blah”. I was quite annoyed by this time. Like… moron… don’t try to sar kar (curry favour) me ‘cos that doesn’t work lor!

Anyway, i was just really irritated lah… so wanted to cut the pain short. Told her that i’m no longer in real estate (which left her stumped for words), and that i’m now in the insurance industry as a broker, so i really didn’t want her services, and ended the call.

That was the most polite i’ve probably ever been to a stupid salesperson who doesn’t even have the common sense to tell the prospect her name. Argh. Stupidity & a lack of common sense makes me mad. I was very tempted to tell her that i hate it when financial planners call me to try to solicit my business, and that i have nothing but contempt for people like her.

And what did that stupid CC take me for? A fat goose for his colleague to chop? Hello! Being my ex-bf, shouldn’t he have the brains (oh… wait… that figures why he’s the “ex”) to know that i HATE insurance agents (especially those masquerading in the more atas name of “financial planner”) calling me up?? Like DUH! Why on earth would i want to tell a perfect stranger my financial status? On what basis would i ever trust a stranger to plan my finances for me? As though i’m not annoyed enough that CC tries to solicit biz from my friends, even after we break up! DUH!

Argh. Once again, this is a case of stupidity has no cure… in fact… stupidity seeks company!

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