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Last Few Random Shots of the Year

    I just thought the chocs with the AIA logo on it were so cool.  (My dad ate the missing choc).             Sat dimsum with my parents & Iceman… we had a lot of food…             This is where i get my OCD from… […]

Behind Closed Doors

Anyone wondered what the bunnies (well, some of them) have been up to?     Pinky enjoys running about the car porch every night.             Where he brazenly eats my mom’s pandan leaves…             Orchids…             And tries to hide […]

End of DBS Saga

Got another call from DBS Call Centre a couple of days back.  A guy named Chester called to say that my "feedback" was referred back to them by the Customer Care Dept.  Chester asked me some really basic questions to verify my information – my full name and NRIC (which is really silly ‘cos given […]

Shenzhen is in Taiwan

it’s 4:25pm. everyone’s in holiday mood in office. am working very very slowly, waiting for the day to end so we can leave for our Christmas dinner. really really sleepy. suddenly, Kid’s Meal turns to me and says… KM: is Shenzhen in HK or in China ah? Me: (with a look of digust – couldn’t […]

I remember another time when Booze Queen, Xiao Lao Shu and i were chatting about Facebook and Fighters Club in office. We spoke in half sentences because we didn’t want other people to know what we were talking about… at least they could only speculate… but not be sure what we were referring to. So […]

Protected: The Art of Eavesdropping 1

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

DBS – DouBle Standards

this week has not been off to a good start. got into a mega fight with DBS yesterday over the replacement of my DBS ATM card. i shall let the letter i sent them do the talking… =============== Salutation: Ms Name: UptownGal NRIC/Passport No: ___________ Email Address: __________ Country: Singapore Home Tel: __________ Office Tel: […]

photos from the N82

some pictures from my N82.  🙂       Iceman and i were amazed by this retro-looking phone.  heehee.  (taken at Yew Mei Green)               A Christmas display at Tangs.               My new wallet.  It’s by comic illustrator Jimmy Liao.  Love the embroidery […]

Nokia N82

bought the Nokia N82 as a replacement hp last Sat.  was hesitating whether to get a new phone initially… or to make do with my Sony Ericsson… but the SE died on Sun so just as well.  heh. no complaints abt the N82 so far.  was attracted to it ‘cos the specs are even better […]

to immobilise or not

really strange thing happened.  someone mailed my road tax renewal notice to me.  the renewal notice was in my Coach bag that was stolen last week.  so i was really surprised when it came in the mail today. my dad thinks that the thief wants me to renew my road tax, before stealing my car, […]

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