to immobilise or not

really strange thing happened.  someone mailed my road tax renewal notice to me.  the renewal notice was in my Coach bag that was stolen last week.  so i was really surprised when it came in the mail today.

my dad thinks that the thief wants me to renew my road tax, before stealing my car, so that the thief can drive the car across to JB and sell it.  but if the thief is even semi-professional enough to know contacts across the causeway to sell the car… then shouldn’t the thief also know that you don’t need the renewal notice to renew the road tax?!

i’m more inclined to think that the thief chucked the renewal notice onto the floor somewhere… where it was picked up by a kind hearted soul who mailed it to me.  but then again… the renewal notice looked pretty clean to have been chucked on the floor… sigh.

i called the Changi Neighbourhood Police Centre to inform them that someone mailed my stolen road tax renewal back to me, and asked if they wanted to do anything with it.  answer is no.  i guess they don’t care… since bags get stolen everyday anyway.  damn u lousy police!

my dad says i should get a steering lock to protect my car against theft… or install a car alarm with immobiliser… but i just changed my car alarm!  cost me $145!!  just that… i forgot my licence plate was found on my road tax renewal that was stolen together with my bag… and so the thief knows my car plate… (which means he doesn’t need to rely on the remote to find my car… he can just zoom in on my car and use the key to unlock the doors.  though that would trigger the alarm, if he was experienced enough, he would know how to disable the alarm, cut the wire, etc.)

sigh.  so i’m in huge dilemma now.  what should i do?  steering locks are troublesome… should i spend another $250 to change another car alarm that comes with immobiliser??  🙁

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  1. 1 katrine

    next time you cannot find your car where you thought you parked it – you know who got the set of keys!

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