it’s Christmas again

worked pretty late last night… left office about 11:50pm.  saw the Christmas tree in the reception area of the office.  the tree this year was decorated with seashells… or what looked like seashells (i was peeping into the reception area through the glass door at the lift lobby).  looked really pretty with all the lights and presents around the tree.

i remember staying back late to work 1 night last year too.. and while no one was in the reception area, i took a photo of the Christmas tree.  unfortunately, i accidentally erased the photo before i uploaded it to my computer.  i would’ve taken a photo of the tree this year (it looks better this year anyway) except that i lost my Nokia N95… and am using this old Sony Ericsson hp with a VGA camera only.  :(  the picture wouldn’t turn out nice even if i did take it. 

while standing and admiring the Christmas tree, i concluded that material items will always be perishable.  i lost my hp, LV wallet, coach bag, Legolas ez-link card, white tissue pouch with black polka dots, car and house keys, victoria secrets mint lip gloss, etc.  i am very sad because they were items that i cherished very much.  some were expensive… very expensive… others were cheap, even free (gifts from others)… but they were still items that i carried daily because i liked having them close to me.

nothing much i can do about it now.  the memory of the picture of last year’s Christmas tree still remains in my mind… the red flowers that adorned the tree… just like i can still recall how it feels to dig about my coach bag for my stuff…

sigh.  my dec bonus is "gone"… ‘cos i need to get a new hp, and am considering installing a car alarm + immobiliser.  the photos and videos in my hp that have not been uploaded to my computer are gone too… don’t think there’re any shots that can’t really be replaced… except for some (possibly compromising) videos of my colleagues letting their hair down at Eon Canteen… oops… and videos of Iceman’s colleagues at Oktoberfest.

i hope the dastardly thief erases all those images.  quite a gross thought thinking that someone can peek so closely into my life by exploring the contents of my handbag.

material items, once gone, are lost forever.  what i’m glad is that during the few hours that i was "missing" (uncontactable ‘cos my hp was gone), i had good friends & colleagues who called and sms-ed to try to find out what happened to me.  and of ‘cos even more thankful for Iceman who came to meet me immediately after i managed to get a phone to call him.

may the Lord bless you this Christmas.

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  1. 1 katrine

    you lost your COACH BAG???????
    and your HP????

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