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Curls are Me

Argh.  Maybe perming my hair wasn’t a good idea.  I’m sleepy… but thinking if i take a nap now my hair may get messed up?  Don’t want messy hair at Ukulele concert later!!  *Fumes*

The Story of 23

Bad movie.  Don’t watch it.  Starts off darn slow, has a bright spark in the middle, then the most anti-climax ending possible.  Bleah. ——————————— Sigh.  5 weeks.  5 = 2+3.  What now?  What now?  An anti-climax ending?

10 Years Too Late

First thing i did when i got back from Malacca was to log onto my blog, and then check my email.  Saw that i had a new message on friendster and so i logged on to check.  Guess who the message was from?  Haha.  It was from ‘03‘.  I was sorta surprised since it’s been […]

Without Hope or Agenda

Back from Malacca.  Can’t believe i actually missed my blog when i was away.  Addicted to this man.  Sheesh.  Anyway, will post details/ photos of the trip when i’ve recovered sufficiently… meanwhile… here’s my favourite quote from the movie, Love Actually – “Without hope or agenda”.

End of my Tether

I just lost it.  Blew up.  This blog was set up for me to bitch, to whine, and to let out all my frustrations.  It’s also a platform for me to share happy, sad and comical things that happen in my often overly “dramatic” life with close friends like Iceman, Azure, Zounds, Katrine, and some church […]


  Irreplaceable lyricsTo the leftTo the leftTo the leftTo the left Mmmm to the left, to the leftEverything you own in the box to the leftIn the closet, that’s my stuffYes, if I bought it, baby, please don’t touch (don’t touch) And keep talking that mess, thats fineCould you walk and talk, at the same […]

Slap in the Face

Got a wedding invitation in my email today.  Mr. Ego is finally getting married to his gf.  Good for him.  Not that i still have any interest in this person… i mean I backed away from the knotty situation we were in 5 years ago, maintained a cordial albeit superficial “friendship” with the idiot, and now […]

Weekend Roundup

Had a real busy weekend: Sat – attended Little Matchgal’s wedding.  Congrats gal!!  We’re all very happy for you.  Her husband and her look really good together.  Super compatible.  🙂 Sun – overslept and missed church.  Throat infection flared up again (for the 3rd weekend since CNY) and had fever.  Took med, felt better, and […]

Lemon Shiver

I feel like a lemon shiver now.  Refreshing, sweet, but with a sour aftertaste.  🙁  Chill too much will kena brain freeze u know.

Don’t Fix It – Just Upgrade

Was with Iceman at Suntec last night when we saw people leaving the IT show with packages and packages of spoils.  Iceman was laughing at a chap who bought a 19″ flat screen monitor.  What’s so funny about that huh?  I’m still using a 17″ Sony Multiscan E200 (that’s a CRT btw, for folks who […]

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