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Protected: Inglourious Basterd

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Time to say Goodbye

Sigh.  Had to sadly buy a new hairdryer to replace the Rowenta one above.  I really like my Rowenta hairdryer.  There isn’t any special features to it but it has served me well.  My parents bought it in 1977 – even before I was born!  The fuse, unfortunately, blew a couple of months ago and […]

Money Makes (Some) Worlds Go Round

RM10,000 to keep them Muslim 2009/10/26 THE state government will continue to pay a RM10,000 incentive to Muslim preachers or missionaries who are willing to marry Orang Asli women to prevent them from leaving the religion. State Islamic Development, Education and Dakwah Committee chairman Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said efforts had to be […]

“How Chinese Multiply”

I don’t know why this is called “the way Chinese multiply” (no, this isn’t in reference to the population boom) and I think there’re definitely more efficient ways but drawing lines is quite cool.     I wonder who first thought of this…

I Endeavour to Blog More Regularly

I think I really need to blog more regularly.  I have a really really poor memory, e.g. I can from the living room to my bedroom to take something, but I’ll forget what I wanted to get once I reach my bedroom.  Yesterday, I saw that a bill of $391.95 was charged to my credit […]

Janice & Sonia Lee

First heard this pair of twins on my friend’s facebook page.  Checked out their youtube channel and although they talk funny (as though there’s something in their mouth), they sing beautifully and what I really really like is their harmonisation!!   Check out this video of them singing in Korean… wait for the harmonisation… it’s […]

Fruity Copycats!

Mobile phone giant Nokia sues Apple over patents HELSINKI : Nokia, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, took on the iconic iPhone on Thursday by suing US rival Apple for infringing 10 Nokia patents on mobile phone technology. "The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone […]

Flat Update

Our flat, 3/4 done. Living room and balcony   This is where the TV console will be.   Taken from the living room and facing the kitchen doorway.   This is where the kitchen cabinets will be.   The master bedroom combined with the 2nd bedroom.   The 3rd bedroom which we’ll convert to a […]


Forgive my “suaku-ness” but I just found this search engine from Microsoft called “Bing”.  Just tried searching “Nokia X6” with it and it gave me some results which I didn’t see when I used google to search.  Heh.  Bing!

Idol’s Loss is Their Win

Channel 5 really shouldn’t show Lose to Win and Singapore Idol on the same day.  When I first switched on the TV just now, I couldn’t tell which programme I was watching.

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