I Endeavour to Blog More Regularly

I think I really need to blog more regularly.  I have a really really poor memory, e.g. I can from the living room to my bedroom to take something, but I’ll forget what I wanted to get once I reach my bedroom.  Yesterday, I saw that a bill of $391.95 was charged to my credit card and I couldn’t recall what on earth it was for.  After going through the receipts for things we bought for the flat, I concluded it wasn’t an item purchased for the flat.  As I couldn’t remember what it was, I called Citibank to say that I was going to dispute the amount.  Although I didn’t think my card was misused, ‘cos it would be quite stupid for someone to “steal” my card and spend only $391.95, I couldn’t pay for something I don’t recall buying either.

Citibank was very helpful and proceeded to block my card and put through my “dispute”.  Unfortunately (or I should say fortunately?), 5 min after that was done, Azure figured out that I prob. spent that amount on buying mooncakes!  And she was right!  Hehe… I totally forgot I coordinated the purchase of Maxim mooncakes for my colleagues and thus I paid quite a big sum for the mooncakes.  Sigh. 

I immediately called Citibank to inform them that I’m not disputing the amount anymore.  The officer I spoke to is on the other line unfortunately, so I’m waiting for her to call me back.

Sigh.  I think I shall blog as often as I can… just a short note to jot EVERYTHING down.  Argh. 

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    see, the iphone will help in this instance as well… Expense/budget app!!!

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