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Horlicks – Surgery

Horlicks did a dental surgery last Friday to file down her teeth.  The vet suspected that was the cause of her only being able to eat pellets last week (she refused to eat veg & hay since the Fri before last).  She seems to be doing slightly better this past week – she now eats […]

A Million Dollars

What would you do if you struck a million dollars in Toto?  (I’m talking about Singapore dollars here.. not Rupiah or something).  I’ve decided I’m going to rent a push cart and sell handphone & tablet accessories (screen protectors, covers, pouches, hard cases and the like).  I’ve observed that the handphone accessories push cart on […]

Worst Service Ever from a Helpdesk

I just got a call from Fetsi who introduced herself as a supervisor with Nokia Care. Fetsi: Hi Miss.  I received your e-mail regarding the Channel News Asia app.  I understand that we have advised you 2 possible fixes, i.e. to wait for the next available software update or to download the app from Ovi […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Pinky!!

16 Jan 2011, Sunday, was Pinky’s 5th birthday – but terrible terrible me actually forgot about it!  The irony is I remembered last week.. but somehow, there were just too many things going on this weekend and it slipped my mind! I visited the bunnies at my parents’ place before dinner this evening but spent […]

This must be the best Taiji move I’ve seen coming from a technical support centre.  Can’t solve it – delay it.  Check out their latest reply to my issue. ====================== Ref#1-11411140618 Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline. Since the application you are referring to is pre-installed, we suggest that you try to wait for the […]

Ear, Nose, Throat

Weird thought. I had a drippy nose this morning. Then the dripping stopped and my ears got blocked instead. Given that the ear, nose and throat canals are connected, does this mean the mucus is causing my ears to be stuffed up? ? Haha. Gross. :p

I Survived!

After 4 long years, I made it down to salsa today.  Went for the Jitterbugs’ social.  I was really really happy that I got to see Vandalin, Z and CL.  Also got to know 2 new friends through AL… though I was a little insulted by what one of them said. I know I know,  […]

Nokia Customer Care SUCKS!

The Nokia Customer Care in Singapore really really sucks.   I think it would be a challenge to find another helpdesk more lacking and inadequate.  I asked @NokiaSg on Twitter who should I send a complaint letter to.  They requested that I told them my problem over e-mail.  Fine.  So I did.  I sent an e-mail […]


Have you seen the CNY Calsberg ad? The one with the huge bunny falling from the sky? Gosh! That must be one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. Contrast that with the Tiger CNY ad where drinkers start multiplying everytime people cheered and clinked their glasses. Seriously, companies ought to consider their ad campaigns […]

Four Years? !

According to this blog, the last time I went salsa was 4 years ago! ! In Jan 2007! I’m absolutely astounded. Where did the last four years go? Can I even still dance? Keep count? Do spins? Gosh! Salsa this Fri will be a baptism of fire! *Aghast*

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