Horlicks – Surgery

Horlicks did a dental surgery last Friday to file down her teeth.  The vet suspected that was the cause of her only being able to eat pellets last week (she refused to eat veg & hay since the Fri before last).  She seems to be doing slightly better this past week – she now eats pellets and fresh vegetables but she simply refuses to eat hay anymore, even when she’s hungry.  Like last night – she was licking her empty bowl – think she was trying to tell me she’s hungry.  So I tried to feed her hay.  She grabbed the hay with her mouth, then threw it back at me.  Thrice.  I then took some softer bits of hay, put them in a tray & gave them to her.  No better.  She tried to grab the tray & fling it away too.

In the end, I felt sorry for her so I gave her a tiny tiny portion of pellets, which she took really long to eat… about 3x longer than her speed prior to her eating problems. 

Sigh.  Someone told me that the lifespan of lops are about 6 – 8 years.  Horlicks is roughly 5 years 8 months… is this a sign of old age?  The beginning of the end? 

Horlicks was also less energetic last night and preferred to be alone than to fuss over Pinky as usual.  Pinky, was walloping the hay.  During the 30min I spent with Horlicks, Pinky helped himself to 4 servings of hay. 

My dad asked the pet shop to send some samples of this more expensive and supposedly more fragrant hay (1 bag costs $40 compared to the normal variety of hay at $16 per bag).  We really don’t mind spending the money. As my dad says, bunnies don’t have very long life spans… if they’re happy, why not right?  Who doesn’t want to be cared for and pampered in their old age?

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