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Hell hath no fury…

… like UptownGal misrepresented to. On 18/3/2006 (Sat), the Nokia 6280 hp was officially launched in Singapore. Having waited in anticipation for the phone, I checked the papers and realised that Singtel was selling the phone the cheapest – for $248 whereas M1 & Starhub were selling it for $448, all terms & conditions the […]

I’m very upset today. Received 2 pieces of bad news. My GP referred me to a skin specialist ‘cos there’s this rash on my feet that just won’t go away. I’ve had the red spots (it looks like many red dots – as though the skin got pricked by many needles) on my feet off […]

As unpredictable as the weather

Pinky was a total spoilt brat today. Last night, he willingly ate his fever medicine, though he rejected the antibiotics. Today, he refused to eat anything! I coaxed him, chased him, patted him, cornered him, carried him… for a total of 2.5hrs but Pinky simply refused to drink the medicine. I used the syringe; put […]

Found Out!

hello once again to my adoring fans, my nanny brought me to the vet today. this was my first trip out of the house. wow. it’s a big world outside. met a cat & a dog at the vet today. the cat was such a coward. kept whining & meowing away. so annoying. and the […]

The Smartest Stupidest Thing

Since i’m on the topic of phones… i thought i might as well share the most brillantly stupid thing about the Nokia 6280. I am very happy about the phone – it’s relatively light, has a fantastic big screen that’s sharp in resolution, has a good camera, speedy menus, etc, etc… and guess what? It […]

The bigger scope of things

I bought the new Nokia 6280 last night! I’ve been eyeing this phone for a couple of months now and when it was launched over the past weekend, i grabbed it ‘cos Singtel had a special promotion – $220 cheaper than the other telcos! Managed to trade in my 6230i for $270 (Wywy shop) so […]

From Pinky, with love…

hello to all my fans, ththanks for sending all your regards the past few days. i was a little sad having to spend my 9th week old birthday sneezing but i am feeling better tonight. i may not even need to see the doctor in the morning! i have told off my stupid subject/nanny/maid for […]

Turn Left Turn Right

Changed the song on my blog to the themesong for the movie, “Turn Left Turn Right”. Very 2003 i know. Heh… but it’s a nice song (title is 遇见) and i really like the piano accompaniment. It’s also the ringing tone u hear if u call my hp for the month of Mar… (yes yes, […]

Mystery of the sneezing Pinky

Pinky has been sneezing since last night… at intervals of about 3-5min between each sneeze. Checked her nose but she doesn’t really seems to have any mucus so i’m not sure if it’s the snuffles (Rabbit equivalent of ‘cold’. Rabbits’ URTI are caused by bacteria whereas humans’ URTI are caused by viruses). Was thinking of […]

Blog URL

Sigh… i know i’ve been changing this umpteen times but should i revert back to or stay as The latest change in URL was prompted by some bad file server thingy at Somehow that caused my original url of to be inaccessible. So i switched to But now it seems […]

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