As unpredictable as the weather

Pinky was a total spoilt brat today. Last night, he willingly ate his fever medicine, though he rejected the antibiotics. Today, he refused to eat anything! I coaxed him, chased him, patted him, cornered him, carried him… for a total of 2.5hrs but Pinky simply refused to drink the medicine. I used the syringe; put the medicine on a spoon; mixed it with honey; diluted with water & put it on a dish, but Pinky just refused to eat.

Fed up, i decided to read the newspapers outdoors but ignore Pinky. At first, he was haughty too and went to lie by himself at another part of the backyard. But the spoilt brat needed attention so he went to look for his mommy who was locked up in her cage. Horlicks licked him through the grilles of the cage but that wasn’t enough attention for Pinky i guess ‘cos after that, he hopped onto the chair next to the one i was sitting on, and from that chair, he clambered onto my lap. Once on my lap, he started nibbling & playing with the newspaper.

Being the faithful maid i am, i dutifuly patted & cuddled Pinky. He took great interest in the story of the ex-lawyer who is suspected of being some drug trafficking kingpin and when i placed the newspaper on the empty chair next to me, Pinky hopped back onto that chair. We repeated that process 3 times… Pinky would jump on the chair next to me, then jump on my lap to nibble the papers, and i would try to feed him his medicine, and he would leap down to the floor & take cover, and i would then ignore him…. and after a while, he would come back and repeat the entire sequence again.

Sigh… in the end, i decided to try to force feed that brat. I carried him & shoved the syringe into his mouth. He would take a forced sip of the medicine before struggling free. Managed to feed about half the required dosage before i totally gave up & locked Pinky back into the cage. I poured the honey water-medicine mix into this water tray so hopefully he would take a little bit of that when he gets thirsty tonight. I think Pinky still has a bit of fever ‘cos the back of his head & his ears are a little warmer than usual.

Going to take him to the vet again tomorrow to see if he really is still running a fever and what we can do about it. Took some photos of Pinky hopping about just now. He’s quite adorable actually… adorably spoilt & irritating. Poor me… the maid cum nanny… covered with battle scratches from Pinky. Sigh.

Pinky on Horlicks’ cage.

Pinky getting a kiss from his mommy.

Checking out the newspaper on the chair next to me.

Pinky has a penchant for crime stories obviously.

Reading the same article on my lap.

Decides to literally “chew on it”.

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March 2006