Found Out!

hello once again to my adoring fans,

my nanny brought me to the vet today. this was my first trip out of the house. wow. it’s a big world outside. met a cat & a dog at the vet today. the cat was such a coward. kept whining & meowing away. so annoying. and the dog had some disgusting thing growing on his ears… scabies, they called it. yeeks! i was so glad my nanny put me at the opposite corner of the clinic. wouldn’t want to catch that horrible-looking thing from that dog!

the vet was this strange fella who said he was allergic to my fur. he said i had the cold but he sneezed more times than me while we were in the room! what’s wrong with my fur? it’s soft & silky ok! my nanny brushes it for me regularly.

anyway, daddy Muah Chee scolded me after i got home just now… ‘cos the vet checked and discovered that i was a boy. daddy said never to let anyone know that i’m a boy or i won’t be able to have fun when i grow up. i don’t really understand what he means but daddy says had our servants known that he was a boy, i would never have been born. *shrugs*

actually, i tried very hard to prevent the vet from finding out that i’m a boy. when he wanted to examine me, i kicked & struggled & scratched & nearly hopped off the table that was as high as my nanny’s waist! but my nanny & the vet kept holding onto me. after they got a stronghold on me, the vet turned me over, checked and showed my nanny my *ahem* “boyhood”. so i got found out. sigh! what was a bunny to do under such circumstances?

that was not the worst part… after exposing the fact that i am a boy, the vet poked this thing they call the thermometer up my ass! that hurt tons man! i resisted with all the strength i could muster but that allergic vet threw a towel over my face to obscure my sight & while i was disoriented, he poked that thing into my ass. that thermometer told the vet that i had a fever so i got sent home with 2 types of medication – flu medicine & antibiotics.

my nanny fed me the flu med just now. it was quite yummy u know? nice & sweet. i liked it! but the antibiotics was not very appetizing. my nanny squirted it at my mouth but i refused to drink it. used my paws to wipe it away. hehe. i may be 9 weeks old but u can’t force me to eat horrible stuff! muahaha.

anyway, it’s bedtime now. i’m tired. it has been an exciting albeit somewhat painful day for me.

goodnite my fans. till my next update…

🙂 Prince Pinky

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