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8 Years None the Wiser

When it comes to being platonic friends, where does one draw the line?  I have a very close buddy that i know i can hijack his bed anytime i go to his place… or sprawl ungracefully all over the floor & know that he’ll accept me as always… and that’s ‘cos he’s my “bestest” friend.  But […]


Someone once told me that i’m a Female Chauvinistic Pig.  Given that the comment came from a smooth-operating ladies’ man, i would greatly discount what he said.  What i would agree, however, is that i enjoy being self-reliant.  I don’t like the feeling of being dependant on someone for my needs.  I don’t like it when […]

My Latest Hobby

Just picked up a new hobby recently… haha.   That’s friendster surfing.  Yup… the busybody part of me has been visiting profiles of my friends’ friends.  In the process, i actually found the profiles of like 5 friends that i haven’t seen since leaving school?  Haha.  It was good to reconnect.  The bad thing is… Singapore […]

Forever Grateful

Over the weekend, i met an old friend i hadn’t seen in years… am really grateful for this old friend ‘cos if it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t have been able to get an ‘A’ for Computing during my ‘A’ Levels and i wouldn’t have had enough points to get into NTU, wouldn’t have studied insurance, […]

Happy Days!

I’ve been happy lately.  Good mood, chirpy, energetic.  Haha.  Started a couple of days ago when i finally made peace with a friend i fell out with 2 years ago.  Obviously he’ll say it’s my fault… i guess to a certain degree it is…. but then again… it’s not really? What happened was this (summarised […]

Deja Vu

“Who is she?” “She’s ______” “Oh.” Sigh…. that 1 word… no, it’s not even a word… just a sound, “oh”, but there was so much encapsulated in it. Met an old old friend (er, yes, we were together for a short while too) on Friday night as i was leaving MOS.  He was with his usual […]

IM Junkie to the Core!

Whether this works or not would depend on how complex a firewall your office has… ‘cos i realised that sometimes, even if your office firewall blocks websites like, or, or, if u key in the IP add of the URL (instead of keying in the URL address) in the browser, u might still […]

There’s a group of really talented directors / producers in the US… they just graduated from college and are taking their first full length feature film around the US.  It’s a pity that Singapore is way too far away for them to ever come here… but u can find some of their shorter works on youtube.  […]

Opportunities Abound

Just wanted to note that things are going well at work.  I’ve been kept busy… having to make quite a few overseas calls even after i come home late at night.  But’s it’s good.  I feel that i belong more now… and i guess i’m not going to get fired at the end of my […]

"Where am I going to?"

It’s been a rather tumultuous 4 weeks for me.  Broke up with my bf, rebounded with a new guy, got un-rebounded, and along the way discovered that i am actually capable of genuinely feeling for another person.  I think i buried that ability to feel some years ago… and it’s ‘cos of that my last 2 […]

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