My Latest Hobby

Just picked up a new hobby recently… haha.   That’s friendster surfing.  Yup… the busybody part of me has been visiting profiles of my friends’ friends.  In the process, i actually found the profiles of like 5 friends that i haven’t seen since leaving school?  Haha.  It was good to reconnect. 

The bad thing is… Singapore is really TOO SMALL a place!  My friendster surfing and bitching (my friends and i will surf friendster profiles and then send each other links & comment on the photos we see… heehee) caught up with me!  Was queueing up to enter Dragonfly on Friday night when this guy suddenly came up to me and exclaimed in front of all my friends,


I was stunned and went, “Huh?  Er, sorry, don’t think I know u…”

He thought for a while and said (still in a loud voice), “U’re _______ right?”

I was like, “Er, yeah… that’s me… but i don’t know u… how come u know me?”

And his reply was, “U’re the one sucking on the 2 straws in friendster right?”

Me in a very very meek voice, “yeah…”

Wah piang… i tell u.  I nearly fainted on the spot.  It was freaky man!  Imagine being recognised in public ‘cos i surfed into someone’s friendster profile??  I really had no recollection seeing his friendster profile.

Realised the reason why the next day… it’s ‘cos he doesn’t look anything like in his photo… haha.  And thankfully, we also managed to figure out that he’s my cousin’s uni mate in London.  Haha. 

Oh well, this is really a pointless story… haha… but i thought it was just kinda funny… 😛

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