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The Road is Long

All my friends & regular readers of this blog would know that Iceman & i are very close friends.  We’ve been friends for 11 years.  Close friends… we’ve gone for tons of movies, walked home from school together, made regular dashes for the last train, go for supper, drinks, etc. For years and years, i’ve […]

Face Value

It’s funny how people often do not believe u when u tell them the simple truth.  Like last night… Hockey Friend: Are Iceman & u dating? Me: (Jabs Iceman’s shoulder & repeats the question) Eh, your friend asked if we’re dating. Me: (To Hockey Friend) I’ll think about it. Iceman: U’ll think about it?  Yessssss!!!!! […]

Prayer for the Injured

For those who don’t know yet, a bomb went off in Makati city (Manila) yesterday, at a shopping centre (Glorieta 2) in the financial district.  The death toll stands at 9, and over a hundred people were injured. I feel kinda sad for the Filipinos.  Maybe it’s ‘cos i’ve been to Makati… stayed just opposite […]


It’s evil…

Sunday Surfing

Was surfing Youtube this afternoon when i came across this really funny video that Sammi played at her 1999 concert.  I love the ending.  It was hilarious watching it at the concert.  The video was played in several parts at the concert… during Sammi’s costume changes.  Contains a lot of the HK celebrities that i […]

Sammi’s Show Mi Concert!

The concert was excellent.  There was also a very touching part when Sammi shared about how her dad had a stroke while on holiday and how her family has a habit of writing letters to each other, etc.  Sounds a little disparate when repeated like that but… it was good. Here’s a video clip of […]

Bali Conference

Sigh.. time passes too fast… and too often things lie just beyond our grasp when we decide to reach for them.  So thank God for photos that we can at least relive the memory…   If only just the memory.

"Hello Patience, how have you been?"

Patience wasn’t too happy that i didn’t take her to Bali with me.  Explained to her it was ‘cos my laptop took up all the space in my haversack and i didn’t want to squeeze her in.  (Being flattened wouldn’t be good for her). Patience said i could’ve packed her into my check-in luggage but i […]

i’m alive! really!

haven’t been blogging ‘cos i’ve been really really busy.  was trying to clear as much work as i could last week before i went for my company’s regional product conference.  stayed till abt 3am last Fri?  that was the latest i’ve ever stayed in office!  went back for another 2-3 hours on Sat too.  the […]

Happy China National Day!

Today’s China’s National Day.  Heh.  As well as a friend’s birthday.  Happy celebrating people!!  🙂

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