The Road is Long

ben All my friends & regular readers of this blog would know that Iceman & i are very close friends.  We’ve been friends for 11 years.  Close friends… we’ve gone for tons of movies, walked home from school together, made regular dashes for the last train, go for supper, drinks, etc.

For years and years, i’ve always insisted that we would never get together.  I often said we’re so close it’ll be like incest.  But that was a lie.  I didn’t dare admit i had any feelings before because i didn’t want to lose my close close buddy (should things turn sour).  And the longer we were friends, the more there was at risk.

That safe route came to an end recently… and boy am i eating my words.  Trust me… i’ve endured MANY a "I told u so!" from old friends who know the both of us (actually… almost all our friends know the 2 of us… that’s how much we are together!).  And i think Iceman’s been getting his share of "Finally!" & "What took u so long?".

What makes me really happy too is that my mom approves of him.  (Quite a different stance from what she took when we were in JC!).  Took me quite a bit of courage to tell my mom about us… i mean, u should see how my mom mauled my previous boyfriends…

Me: Anyway, just want to tell u that i’m going out with Iceman.

Mom: Again?

Me: What do u mean again?  I’ve never gone out with him before what!

Mom: Ya… but u’ve known him for so many years.

Me: Er… yah… well *mumble mumble*

Mom: Finally! *Nods head once*

IMG_0029 (At this point, i took my plate of grapes & scooted off.)

I was very tickled that my mom said "finally".  Heh.  But it doesn’t matter.  I’m very happy. 🙂

Spoke to Iceman tonight about God.  He’s not a believer… but i’ve been praying… for 11 years i’ve been, and i will continue to do so.

If there’s 1 word i’ll use to describe Iceman & me in the past 11 years, that’s "inseparable".  I hope it stays that way.

3 Responses to “The Road is Long”

  1. 1 katrine

    congratulations…be happy.

  2. 2 QF

    since when u become so mushy???
    very happy for u and iceman…

    but for both u and him…
    AGAIN… “i told u so”
    AND “what took both of u so long???”

    but seriously, Congrats! =)

  3. 3 uptowngal

    Katrine – Thanks! 🙂 Am happier than i’ve ever been.

    Qingfu!!!!! Oooh… first comment u post on my blog… must suan me is it? Hmph!

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