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Facebook is Evil…

I sincerely apologise to all for the lack of posts this month.  If u think it’s got to do with Iceman… er, nope.  I think Facebook ought to bear most of the blame.  And not just Facebook, but the application called Fighters’ Club (note – not Fight Club!!).  Just think of it as a simplified […]

sometimes i just feel like screaming – i cannot take this anymore!!! 😛 bigmac (quoting me): for a person who doesn’t snack, u hv a lot of food on ur table. kid’s meal: but it’s chocolate. me: but chocolate also considered snack what! kid’s meal: is it? me: YA! if choc is not snack then […]

My church has recently started a "Shepherd’s Note" section in our weekly bulletin, where the Elders of the church will write a short sharing of sorts.  I thought last Sunday’s note was interesting and am reproducing it here: _________________________ We should not be surprised by the on-going yet futile spiritual warfare against god and Christianity.  […]

Tian Mi Mi

It’s been a long week… everyone’s busy, stressed, and definitely lacking of sleep. But something happened today that just made our day. About 5:40pm, Bigmac, Kid’s Meal and i were chatting about some stuff (the memory of which has been totally obliterated by what happened next) when i saw Fei Zai and Solo (tall and […]

Azure and i were taking the MRT home 1 day when she suggested that i should start a category on my blog called "Kid’s Meal" and list down all the stupid things that Kid’s Meal says on a daily basis.  But before i got down to it, there’s now a challenger for the Stupidest Person […]

What’s in a Name

Realised that the nicks on my blog can get a little confusing.  So thought i’ll give a little re-intro to all the characters who frequently appear here. Azure a.k.a. BFK (that stands for Best Friend K).  Nick says it all. Booze Queen – colleague who is the anti-thesis of Alcoholics Anonymous. Dewy a.k.a. Xiao Lau […]

范玮琪 – I Think I

Another lovely song from Fan Wei Qi’s "Our Anniversary" album.   Here’s the rough English translation… As each day passes From "unsure" to "the answer" Just like this I pause at the direction which you go Everytime you appear at my side I feel the weight (amount) of love The more i care, the more […]

IE stands for Internet Explorer

There’re a few terms in English that people frequently misuse, or mispronounce, and it REALLY bugs me.  For example, the term "i.e.".  It means "that is"… but when reading a sentence that contains "i.e.", instead of saying "that is", a lot of people just say "i e".  It really bugs me till no end!!  Argh!  […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

I really should be sleeping… it’s 3:49am… but i was surfing around… and re-reading a blog that i saw earlier… and i saw a 2nd post.  It confirmed something that i sort of knew… but wanted to find out more about? I’m not gloating and i don’t mean to be mean.  But i’ve paid my […]

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