What’s in a Name

Realised that the nicks on my blog can get a little confusing.  So thought i’ll give a little re-intro to all the characters who frequently appear here.

Azure a.k.a. BFK (that stands for Best Friend K).  Nick says it all.

Booze Queen – colleague who is the anti-thesis of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dewy a.k.a. Xiao Lau Shu (XLS) – colleague who sits on my left in office.

Bubbs – ex-classmate, ex-colleague, and current colleague too!

Kid’s Meal – new girl who joined my dept in Aug this year.  Has weird habit of going "Hurhurhur.  So funny.  Hurhurhur".  Laughs at everything… even when it’s not funny…

Big Mac – my boss.

Upsize – my big boss

Small Fry – er, that’s me.  😛 (u see the trend here?)

Beanstalk – Colleague who sits behind me at work.  He’s as thin as a beanstalk.

J-San – annoying "not tall not Singaporean" colleague.

Sharky a.k.a. Ah Beng #2 – another colleague from office.  Sings damn well, but u risk him singing every song if he goes karaoke with u.

Smarties – new guy in Booze Queen & XLS’ dept.  "Smart aleck" redefined.

ONSer – Booze Queen’s balaclava friend who works in the same building as us.

Buddy – my orientation group buddy from NTU.

AKKK – my favourite cheongster cousin.

Iceman a.k.a. my Sayang – old old JC classmate and now bf.  😛

Qingfu – another old old JC classmate + adulterous lover.

Katrine – ex-colleague and good chum.  She’s a psychology expert.

Chewbacca – cell group dictator leader from church.

Arenose – cell group friend who’s now working in Chengdu.

Zounds a.k.a my ex-Laogong – ex-colleague from SNBB.

Partner – my "partner in suan" from SNBB.

Shibby – my pseudo bf.  Oh wait… now it’s ex-pseudo bf.  (Realise the difference if i wrote pseudo ex-bf?  HAHAHA).

Shavoker – friend staying in Shanghai now… but he’s moving to Nanjing soon… heh…

There!  Did i leave anyone out?

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